Thing that plagues Zerg tier system

This lair and hive system puts Zerg so far behind where are counters comes late.

I also feel that the units require to much gas

The only unit with which I feel the tech and cost requirements are too much for the unit’s ability is the Hydralisk, everything else feels like you get your money’s worth, Zerg is the race which is supposed to have expendable, but not particularly lethal units after all.

As for the hive and Lair tech, I guess I don’t disagree, never thought of it this way, the amount of time you can spend on hatch tech is pretty long with ravagers and ling+bane though. You are more of a reactive player as Z, so stuff like Vipers or Lurkers coming out later to counter your enemy’s moves isn’t so bad.

I think units cost to much is Zerg is post have bad trade in design. Look at banelings they cost 25 gas seems small but you need 50 to kill a marine. To be realistic you need 3 times that just to be able kill one.

They should cost between 5 to 10, mutlisk can be deadly but so is every air unit. This should cost 50 gas not 100. Every race outside Zerg has hard counter to it. Protoss has archon and Terran has Thor. I am not including spells since they can miss.

Tech wise it’s gamble hydras should be in lower tech, brood lords should be unlocked right when hive is made or remove hive requirement to make greater expire.

I also feel ravager should have all abilities as roach extra 20 hp and ability to tunnel.

hard topic, because i can understand what you mean. and if i lose~6 games to non-zerg in a row i would agree with you 100%. but if i have a winning row i would say: relax and think again about the zerg design. from paper zerg is a mid-late race. creep scales, more hatch → more larvae → more units can be built, you can unlock all upgrades.
And all zerg units are only strong if you have at least 8+ of them. except the supporters like infestor/ viper.

But cost is major problem find me unit based on its cost and how much u need to be effective. It would be more expensive then other races.

Get rid hive requirement and use infestor pit as requirement for greater spire and ultralisk

na roash and ravager are differnt .

but im with you on the gass thing

the reason our gas is so high is cause techincaly ALL our ground units cloak . , but i mean terran has that dam satalite sweep , takeing away an expresnive natural trait with a spell is a bit harsh . but they had is so long i doubt it will ever be taken down .