There's a lot of valid complaints about BW too

Like in sc2, terran turtle is also strong.

Science Vessels are really, really annoying and frustrating to play against as zerg.

pvt is mostly recalling into the terran base and just stalling the game until that.

Its even harder for zerg than for protoss to break a turtling toss or terran.

However, other aspects of the game is better designed: Creep doesnt give vision or movement speed, theres no libs, tempests, nexus recall, thors, brood lords, void rays, swarm hosts, shield batteries weren’t nearly as good.

Terran turtle is strong… There is no tempest or broodlords… which are created to siege and break the defenses…

Your idea of uninstalling made more sense to me, than this thread.

What you really meant to say is that you want WoL and hots back on ladder. All the people wanting SC2 to be a clone of BW can just go play BW, it’s still there.

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Candy didnt you say you uninstalled the game like a month ago, why are you even posting if you dont play it anymore. Dude you are so pathetic. Please leave the forums.

Broodwar is awful. Anyone who can’t see that has a severe case of nostalgia bias. I played it for many years. At the time, it was the best. But, let’s be realistic here.

The units are gimpy due to extremely primitive AI, so micro is minimal. It doesn’t have anywhere near the strategic depth that people claim it does, because 95% of the game is busy work like individually selecting each barracks to queue up marines. Broodwar is a multitasking game, not a strategy game.

People like to pretend that the game has crazy strategic depth, but 99.9% of games are decided entirely by how fast you click and literally nothing else. The APM requirements drastically overshadow the impact of strategy. You can do bad strategies but make them work merely by the merit of having more APM than your opponent. When multitasking is that powerful, strategy is only relevant in the rare case that two people are equally skilled in multitasking. The majority of the stratification of skill between S-rank and Z-rank is how fast you click. What separates one S-rank from another S-rank might be strategy.

I remember people downloading “hacks” that allowed them to select more than 12 units. Yep, you were supposed to control a 200 supply army when you could only select 12 at a time. Yet, people will say broodwar had lots of micro. It’s like, no, micro is literally impossible when the game engine doesn’t even let you select your own units. BUT BUT BUT, you can if you box-select really fast! Exactly. The game is about APM spamming.