The UED will comeback

Why would they come back? Well if we wanna find that out we need to review some points and facts first…

#1.- budget
After everything that these guys from the earth did in BW. It wasnt nothing more but a task force, a first wave… if not saying a scout wave.

#2.- Political interest
Yeah im saying it. We need to look at the UED just like we look at powerful modern governaments such as Russia or USA and China. (i dont wanna get politics involved pls) every country that want to invade or take more territory that it has already its because of a reason. ¿Why did the UED went to koprulu? Well… Powerful nations like to go to other contries if they have revolts or even revolutions. Koprulu in the BW time was a chaos and everyone was struggling for power or at least stability, none had at least a clear command chain or a fully established territory but the UED that had an entire part of the galaxy from themselves. like someone said they went to liberate the koprulu sector, to enslave the remainig protoss, steal their technology and to turn the zergs into their new generation zombie soldiers besides the UED said that the zerg was planing an invasion on the earth and that it was a inminent “threat to the earth” the perfect excuse to turn an entire alien race in slaves.

#3.- Lore evidence about their return
in the starcraft campaing when the UED expeditionary fleet (the scout wave) was erradicated by kerrigan she had a littel talk with stukov about the UED and their future return.

“They will come back someday, you know.”
“I do. And I will be ready for them.”

  • Alexei Stukov and Sarah Kerrigan the UED’s future return

#4.- Compare Amon with Mankind (UED)
Amon tried to conquer and put the kopruluh sector on its knees and he used all his power and he was destroyed (yah yah yah i know that zeratul is dead thats sad).
The UED just tried to size control of Kopruluh in BW with a single scout force. The UED sized control over most of the zergs, They almost killed mensgk. Now imagine what would happen if they bring the full might of the UED to the next fight

#5.- We now that the UED isnt a utopia where everybody lives happy and free. in someway is somekind of overgrowth soviet union or somekind of ONU dictatorship and actually this gives an extra bonus in military capacity i guess we can all agree that dictatorship always brings a bit more military than democracy.

They will come back someday and you know it.


I don’t think anyone disagrees with you.


I mean, it’s only a matter of when. Given that they recently cancelled a Starcraft Project, we’d have to wait 5-6 years at least…

We had this topic before a bazillion times. Nobody disagrees. Check the UED page on the wiki. It says that Metzen proposed and rejected bringing the UED back in SC2, and said that he’d wanted to bring them back by SC3. He said the plan was for the zerg to destroy Earth… so the UED are pretty much doomed if they ever show up again.

The UPL/UED has been subjected to so many retcons (conveniently listed on their wiki page) that it is impossible to determine what their culture and morality is anymore until they make another appearance where Blizz finally decides their latest retcons. That might be something to look forward to, in a morbid sort of way. If we’re really lucky, then Blizz might finally place limits on FTL drives so that characters aren’t crossing the galaxy willy-nilly.

Honestly, after the messy lore and laughable stories of the past twenty years, I’m not looking forward to the next installment of the franchise. It might have good gameplay, but the story will be bad. On the bright side, it might revive the fanfiction scene that collapsed after Heart of the Swarm was released. Writers might come back if they have a new cast of characters to care about. I won’t hold my breath, though.

5-6 years sounds about right.


Well, I think it’s more fun to think how exactly are they going to comeback. Are they just going to send in more personal with no equipment again? The whole problem for the UED was that their force was poorly equipped. They come here with very little technology and hope to win by stealing the Terran’s gear. Imagine USA invading Iraq with a bunch of poorly equipped solider and hope to win by steal AK-47 from the local…

Also, why? Other than the fact that they must come here give us some conflict, I can’t think of many in-game reason for them to come here…

Don’t you love it when someone makes it like their extremely common opiniom is some sort of unpopular hard to swallow truth?

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I think people should stop torturing kittens. Sorry guys, but it’s just wrong. I’ll fight you on this one.


I’m conflicted about their return. On one hand they’re at least a century more advanced then the Terrans and just stole local tech in BW and would have a bigger army from all their colonies so they’d be able to stomp everyone’s face in. On the other hand they’d be the baddies in a video game so they’d contrive an excuse for the UED to lose.

As of Heroes of the Storm, the UED has been retconned as always being in public contact with Koprulu. If/when they return, Earth will definitely be infested/glassed regardless of whether they actually deserve it. Who knows? UED may be portrayed as heroes trying to get justice for the genocide, rather than another big bad evil guy all three races must unite against. Maybe Blizz will copy WoW and make all sides playable but forced to fight because they need to write a conflict.

No idea why the zerg or protoss would attack the terrans at this point, but who cares? Blizzard will retcon everything again just like they did with Warcraft. I wouldn’t be surprised if they contrived some way to bring back the Golden Age Protoss Empire by claiming a bunch of fleets were in stasis and wake up now. Or made the zerg villains again who want to eat the terrans because they’re cyborg mutant criminals who yield evolution points, then want to destroy the protoss to make hybrids for their galactic domination. Anything that makes the protoss and zerg credible again is a good thing in my book.

Which is not canon btw.


Does it matter? Blizzard isn’t remotely consistent anyway so saying what is and isn’t canon becomes an exercise in futility because it changes with every installment. Heroes provided one of the few good retcons in the lore, since it makes so much more sense that Earth and the colonies were always in contact than claiming that UED ignored Koprulu for centuries yet somehow had the same tech tree. It’s entirely believable that Blizz will bring that retcon over to whatever passes for canon at the time. Or something entirely different. This is the same company that retconned Warcraft to hell and back, after all. They can’t even keep track of Overwatch lore.

Where did Heroes say that the UED was in contact with the sector? There’s one really inaccurate summary they made that said the UED’s goals were to intervene due to the colony’s “wayward loyalties” but that same summary talks about how Stukov was infested as some experiment on hive defense. Needless to say it can be discounted as pretty deeply inaccurate. I’ve literally done giant threads on how Heroes of the Storm webpages have gotten lore wrong, and some of it has ended up changed.

The UED having contact with the sector is directly contradicted by Liberty’s Crusade, I, Mengsk, and most recently the StarCraft Field Manual. At best we have UED sympathizers in Scavengers but their connection to the UED isn’t established. Making the UED have contact would be a really deep and unnecessary retcon to a lot if material and raises more questions than answers, the reason of “they’ve retconned before” doesn’t make it good.

But no I don’t think a wildly inaccurate summary of Stukov in s non-canon game trumps actual canonical StarCraft information referenced in the games.


You do remember this is Blizzard we’re talking about, right? They make retcons like that all the time. There are plenty of other plot points that raise more questions than answers.

Retconning the UED being in contact is hardly noticeable as far as retcons go. You’d only know they weren’t in contact by reading the manuals for SC1 and BW. This was never mentioned in the games themselves.

Yes. You’re talking about it like it’s official fiction.

  1. They didn’t have the same tech tree.
  2. Maybe the “contact” they’ve had was all one-sided, since the BW manual mentions that the UED had been spying on Koprulu for centuries.

Can we just agree that we both think the Starcraft universe story isn’t great and stop arguing over nerd trivia? I get that you have a bunch of rationalizations for SC1’s oddities, but even then I still don’t like the execution. Based on how the recaps reduce everything to footnotes I doubt Blizzard cares either.

The whole UED situation is silly as all hell and I can understand why Blizz would change it deliberately (as opposed to forgetting what they wrote, which is equally likely). If the UED returns, and it’s entirely likely they never will, then in addition to the go-to plot being “Earth is destroyed” there will be a bunch of retcons. Anybody who still takes the continuity seriously will cry a bunch of nerd tears.

Look man, if you want to talk about the lore with us, you need to care about the minutia. Theyre what makes the starcraft universe remotely interesting.


It’s not exactly fun to argue when Blizzard constantly pulls the rug out from under you. I feel mostly contempt for the story.

The UED retcons are pointless retcons. The whole situation is ridiculous. I think changing UED to have always been in contact makes more sense. Even you disagree, it is still likely that sloppy Blizzard will retcon something similar

Arguing over nerd trivia is why I come to this forum. StarCraft 1 was decent, which is why you keep posting in SC lore forums. StarCraft 2 sucks donkey balls.

I too share contempt for the story. But yes, I’ve been saying this for years, when “anything is possible” due to retcon or writer fiat, nobody will want to discuss or theorize anything. But this wasn’t the case with SC1. People loved speculating about SC2 (until it came out). Now, nobody really gives a rat’s @ss about SC3 other than the occasional vague topic like this one.


SC1 was decent, yes. It had some interesting ideas like three races being thematic archetypes yet also subverting those archetypes (e.g. terran cyberpunk dystopia, zerg family dynamics, protoss not dying elves). I didn’t like the particular execution we got and feel it could have been done better (among other things, keep the story inside Koprulu because the terrans are one third of the game), but that’s a problem with Metzen in general.

BW has ridiculous plot holes and retcons. SC2 continued that trend and changed the aesthetics to bright and happy.

In any case, we’re getting way off topic here. If the UED ever shows up again, and that’s impossible to predict with Blizzard, then there will most likely be a bunch of retcons and other bad writing that will alienate fans of the lore just like Warcraft before it. Hence why, as you just said, few like to discuss it.

I’m holding out hope that the UED will be depicted as unambiguous heroes rather than cartoon villains. Either option seems likely and depends entirely on whether Earth is destroyed at the beginning of the story or the end of the story. In the former, maybe the suddenly evil zerg (e.g. Niadra resurrected Overmind a la BW) and/or revived golden age protoss empire (a la Spear of Adun) attack and destroy Earth, prompting the UED to seek revenge. More or less a blatant copy of the SC1 premise, sure, but I don’t play modern Starcraft for the story. I’m just going to wallow in the absurdity from now on.

Such as… what, exactly?