The New Arrivals Campaign

I’m working on a passion project called New Arrivals, I’m planning to incorporate atleast 3 custom races into it and have about 27 total missions between the 3, any feedback on the maps is appreciated hopefully it’s easier to give direct feedback to me here rather then in the review or attempts to message me in sc2 itself, you can currently find the first 3 missions in the arcade section (I don’t know how to put them in the custom campaign section)

Update: I’ve completed 3 more missions into it and am planning to release them soon, these focus on one of the other races, the Calcio, a macro heavy race that can use its production structures to fight mine minerals and move around.

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Damn. I really wish I could play your custom game.

I am currently in work and using a Laptop. I left my PC at home and wont be returning for the next 3 years. If any you can upload it on youtube of something. Would be happy to give an objective opinion. Cheers!

I will give it a go. that is, if you are still working on it? Let me know! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t recommend it, it needs a lot of improvement as it currently stands, I’m thinking about going back to it but only when i understand the basic design the goes into making races and stuff fun, currently I’m working on beneficial reaping, a campaign that had a much more positive response from players, not sure how long it’ll take me to complete but currently I’m about finished with the third mission and thinking about making it playable on coop.