The late game of zerg and terran

The problem with ghost are that they counter brood lords vipers ultras and lurkers and they can drain energy of any spellcaster making zerg have no way to beat the ghost not to mention their self cloak ablility but the problem with ghost is they trade to efficient and zerg cant counter them you have to do ling bane and pray the terran screws up.

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I belive ghosts are a problem currently in lategame tvz. Ghosts need to be nerfed or zerg lategame buffed.

Ghosts Have been used for awhile in tvz. But with the nerfs to zerg they are more op then before.

The ghost currently counters all the major lategame units of zerg which are ultralisk, broodlord, viper, lurker. Even the infestor doesnt trade efficently with it

To top it all of the ghost even has nukes to further give an advantage to terran in

You may say that ghosts are balanced but then i ask you? have you seen games like elazer vs maru. Where elazer is massively ahead yet still loses due to ghost trading efficently.

My suggestion is to either nerf the ghost snipe or to buff broodlord speed this would help fix tvz lategame.

This is how you write a complaint

There’s no harm in nerfing ghosts. The upgrade for the EMP was overkill.

spore crawler

look for red dot :0 :bug: :bug: :bug: :bug:

I agree that they counter too many things, you can basically make only zerglings and banes and the nuke…was it really necessary to have in the game at all? C&C had super weapons and it was ugly.

Anyway, do you think maybe Mutas can do something against Ghosts?

100% Terran has so many options with ghosts. It becomes a race of who expands first. Be warned if you start to take the whole map zerg. Terran can either do mass thors or mass hellions. What’s that your trying to use brood lords to have some effective trading? To late the thor, hellion, tank, and ghost will just easily push to your brood lords and kill them. Ghosts really are the broken in TvZ now. This one unit can either, stealth, snipe a high valued target, or emp to stop all spell casters dead in the fight. Oh ya one last key ability of the ghost as well NUKE. The ability that straight from Liquipedia “Nuke damage ignores armor.” to delete all units besides 1 the Ultralisk. Fun fact a nuke can 1 shot a nydus worm as well. A Ultralisk can only survive 1 nuke and two snipes from a ghost. One list bit to think about “After carefully aiming for 1.43 seconds while not taking damage, the Ghost fires a sniper round dealing 170 damage. Ignores armor” So again another ability that 4 shots a Ultra and 2 shots a Brood lord. Terran has whined they’re way to total control of the match up taking the zergs ability to get efficient trades. Never mind who has the stronger economy its all about sitting back a losing a ghost here and a ghost there while you rain psychological warfare of nukes, prayer for that defensive nuke to hit while the zerg is trying to push their way back into the game.

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