Terran/Protoss Technology Exchange Program Idea (Purely For Fun!)

I got to thinking when looking at the Mecha-Swarm; “Why not allow Terran to use Protoss weapons and armor and visa versa for Protoss?” Read me out!

What if Terran Marines got Protoss like armor and energy weapons?

What if Zealots got Terran like armor and metal blades?

So on and so forth.

What if Reigel (or someone else) was put in charge of a technology exchange program? They could take the fight to Amon using each others technology. What do you think?

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great minds think alike my friend although my personal theory is they’re saving the ProtTerran faction for SC3, some units I have thought of in the past are BattleCarriers and Siege Colossus; Shielded Marines and Prisevacs; VikArchon and Dark Widows (sort of like cloaked dragoon)

I’m thinking it would make for a fun pair of skin sets for a potential Warchest.

I rather want Protoss/Zerg armies.
(Hybrids doesn’t count).

During Starcraft: Ghost development, there is a Protoss gunner, he carried a huge laser gun.
If opportunity rises I would like to see them in action.

How would that work? Is it like half Archon and half flying viking?

If I’m not mistaken, you sound you dread them (not in a way that VikArchons can work as Destroyers but as a general pain in the butt) haha.
How about naming them “Vikhon”? It’s bit smoother than “VikArchon”.

That’s right! Would be nice to see them in action if the Co-op team can deliever them.

Obviously it’ll be half Viking and half Archon:

  • Changes mode from ground VA to air VA
  • Fragility dies easily to both
  • Bulky and massive that blocks each other as ground VA
  • And cost a ton to make half VikArchlings that fuses into a VikArchon

Duh :stuck_out_tongue:

I could be wrong but; I think that might have been named a “Purifier”. (Keep in mind this was way before Starcraft 2). I think it might have been renamed to “Vindicator”.

No, it is the correct answer.