Terran late game issue fix

Since DLCs Terran has big late-game problems. The reason is simple they created too many tank counters. Vipers, ravagers, swarm hosts disruptors adepts and Tempests. And in the same time given other races mobile long-range siege weapons. or just better versions of Tanks. lurkers I am looking at you. Widomines are similar to tanks and are countered at the same time. This makes 2 problems. Terran lack a good splash option in late game because WM and tanks are getting hard countered and Terran does not have any good counter to these mobile long-range siege units of P and Z. Liberators do not solve these problems. What Terrans needs is Tempests. So what i proposing is swaping Liberators for Tempests (with reskins). P do not even use Tempests becouse they owerlap with carriers in their role. And for T whoud also solve the problem of vikings being bad in late game becouse how AOE spells works. I know it its just crazy idea but just imagine it :slight_smile:

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yeah, tanks feel real bad. vipers specifically just seem way too good at killing tanks for how much effort they are to use. I wouldn’t mind seeing consume changed to only work on hatches or units.

tempests just seem way too over whelming against terran in general. they could easily move slower and still be really good into terran.

i am cool with storm since they cannot consume to get infinite energy.

liberators are really cool but their air to air damage is kind of a joke. you could double their air damage and probably see it not changed in how people use them.

from my experience, the answer is always ghosts. snipe and nukes are basically broken. but I am a broodwar player at heart, what do I know lol…

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Consume on units would be completely broken if it’s done like in BW. If it isn’t and it would slowly sap health, then it would be completely worthless, I don’t think consume is a big issue since Vipers are dead weights without it and zerg relies too heavily on them. Against T? Sure, consume could be tuned down, though snipe counters them pretty hard. Against toss, zerg has no other way to deal with ruptors and skytoss so a nerf there would be awful.

I think u guys missing point your tanks is mid lvl and is only design to stop units before that.

You have super op spell that needs to be nerfed.

Siege tanks 13 range vs 11 range so as long you have good set up.

Vipers counter sieg tanks but ghost counter vipers and every other unit that Zerg has.

Lucklily in the new patch vipers freeze after they grab a tank or anything else. So you can always punish it with ghost snipe, ideally prevent it.