Terran is the most overpowered and broken class that exists

Hear me out please.
I am a plat level protoss and zerg, and every time I go against a terran it pains me. To know that a terran play can and most likely will win by building their most simple units (tanks, marines, and marauders) actually makes my heart hurt. Game devs it’s absolutely absurd that you can’t see what’s going on here. Balance the classes by making terran early game units less powerful and maybe give a little buff to their later game units. You developers have simply done the same thing for so long that you’re scared to change anything even though the terran race is flawed. And I’m sure that terran plays feel a similar way. I hear about terran players complaining about late game toss. ITS LIKE NO S*** SHERLOCK A TERRANS BEST UNIT IS A F***ING MARINE. YOU DEVELOPERS HAVE BECOME SO COMFORTABLE HAVING TERRANS ONLY CAPABILITY BE STIM BIO UNITS THAT YOU’VE STOPPED TRYING. I have lost 2 games in a row now to a combo of tank marine and marauder as protoss and it’s just not okay. Its simply not. And this comes out of love for the game as I do love the game. Please please please crawl out from under the hole you’ve been hiding under game devs and change the terran race. It’s just stupid at this point. Not only that, but it’s disappointing. The terran race needs more late game potential and less rushing potential because at the plat level all the terran race is stimmed bio units protected by a wall of tanks, a push that comes too early for any battery overcharge, zealot warp-in, or army composition can even be crafted. Absurd… ridiculous… and sad…


I am sorry to disappoint you, but no redesigns will be made. Starcraft is almost abandoned now.

You can work to improve your decision making, positioning and strategy, to make games a bit more competitive and interesting in Diamond.
Remember to scout / watch replays to learn how to react to different Terran actions.

Nice to hear crying on the other side of things. Unfortunately, the side that cries the loudest tends to get their way the most. So before this thread gets filled with the loudest crying from the TCF, all I can say to you is you just have to work on not dying against the first Terran push. It will go a long way to getting you out of plat.

At platinum level protoss can win with a 3minute third and mass zealot.

Terran is basically the worst race in the game at casual level.


The higher your MMR gets the worst terran gets, you just gotta keep improving. I feel like Terran is probably heavily broken at lower leagues due to their T1 unit being so powerful, but its definitely the worst race rn at pro level with less than 10% of tournies won by terrans right now. Just work on surviving the tank pushes and in longer games work on runbys and harassing the terran economy.

Late game protoss vs. terran you should be aiming for disruptors which completely rip apart any terran thats not GM level as there is no direct counter for terran vs. disruptors. Also overcharged shield batteries dominate terran pushes once they get to your base, you also need to slow down their push as much as possible with blink stalkers preferably to make them constantly siege/unsiege.


Your race is literally so easy its disgusting took me a week for it to be better then both my zerg and Terran take this complaint and get higher ranked as Terran like I did as protoss.

You have both disruptors and collossus and you’re complaining?

Step one - 2 base charge zealots
Step two - collect salty Terran tears and your free win.