Terran equivalent OF

Let’s imagine this.

Protoss makes maximum production off of 4 buildings happen on 2 bases. They build good defensive units such as the siege tank. Terran goes 3 base earlier than them… and then uses a 1 tier unit which is supposed to be countered by their tier 1 to instantly jump into their main base and win the game with no counterplay because they didn’t build every defense possible.

This is what blink is.

In reality, everything terran can do in terms of aggression for the first 10 minutes is utterly hopeless. You can go for skytoss and survive easily for the first 12 minutes against clem.

Meanwhile protoss is abusive from the probe harassing your SCV to DTs killing your bases or getting into your production.

TvP is an utter nightmare, it’s not a battle, it’s a slaughter from the loading screen to when protoss collect their free MMR (If the protoss player is decent) which you can do literally nothing about.

The game’s design does strongly favor Protoss at the moment and you’d have to be blind to claim otherwise. They recently hit a >60% win-rate at the pro level which hasn’t happened in any match-up since 2010. It’s absolutely ridiculous that anyone denies that Protoss is a problem.


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You are supposed to read Protoss build by scouting and be prepared to either deal 2-base Blink aggression, or harass Protoss if its standard 3 base Blink harass.
Personally I almost always build bunker on main because on my level its often hard to tell whether Protoss is doing 2 base Blink or just don’t execute his build correctly, while getting Stim cancelled by Stalkers would be a catastrophe.

Granted, Protoss have ~2 dozens of viable builds so reading Protoss is tricky.

The reason why 3 WM drop is meta because it allows to do both more-or-less comfortably. A lot of 3 base Protoss will just stay with their Stalkers at home if they see Medivac lurking around their bases.

SG opening is an autoloose to some Terran builds so Protoss usually don’t play it.

However I agree that SB is kinda overpowered in a sense that it just shut down a lot of Terran moves. Once upon a time you could 1 base Protoss but now it is countered easily.