Terran BC's are completely bs and destroy any fun on LAS

Hey there everyone, i will say that TvZ in LAS is hell, i have played some ladder recently and i cant say i enjoyed playing against terran, I was Master a year or 2 ago and it was the same, almost every TvZ i had i was cheesed by a quick bc on my main base, here, hoping to play against a bio or even mech, but my opponents always made Early Bcs, what did i have to deffend? 3 queens and 2 spores. i Think that Tactical Jump MUST be locked behind fussion core, its not fun to have my playstyle against every terran change just bc of one unit can harrass my workers and kill my queen before it dies, anyone else feel the same or do i suck?

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Try fast lair ling and queen drop.

If they going fast bc rush they would hardly have any units.

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I think queens are so weak, hydras a joke you have low number without both upgrades they melt

Fast BC I found easy to counter. Just keep making lings/drones and spores. Keep making queens and eventually get nydus to bring your queens to the front of the T base and make some spores there as well. Rushing a BC slows the T down if it fails and puts you far ahead that you can ling/bane/muta to win.

IMO, the problem is that BCs can jump everywhere, event without vision. If they could jump only to a revealed spot, then you would most likely have to use a Scan to jump on minerals.

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