Terrain too op against zerg

I play zerg and im plat 1. Every match i go against terrain I usualy make hydra ling bane ultra infester viper. Everytime i get into his main just for 12 bcs to show up out of no where (this is end game and im fighting a bio army the entire game) They teleport into my main base and destroy everything i cant make hydras even with plus 3. 12 bcs destroy a maxed out hydra army. and on top of that i cant engage most of his bio armys straight up do to widow mines or siege tanks one shotting my lings. Terrain need big fat nerf nerf

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Hydras are trash vs BCs, heck queens are trash too against that many. Make corruptors, use Infestors to neural, or blinding cloud your crappy hydras. Oh, and what did you THINK he was doing with all that gas and no ghosts?

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I think it is all about the basics

You talking about Terrain or Terran ?

Terrain i agree… its OP, but not against Zerg, against every race …

Terran ?, they are pretty good, but so is Zerg… the only weak race is protoss. Its a joke atm

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l2p issue … they dont destroy a max supply of Hydras … learn to target … But even then, Hydras is a t2 unit, meant to go against Banshees and the sort, for BCs you need Corruptors

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i dont like corruptor in the current meta , rather un zerg like , BUT , they are probs one of the most reliable units in the game .

if the ememy dose any thing that is AIR , build a bunch of Cs , cant go wrong , and even when you killed there whole air force there not a loss , they can convert to ground . and even though im a bit of a gardain fan , brood lord arnt to shabby .