Templars charge

I’ve done the mission 3 times without losing a unit , even making sure to.count them every time and not using carriers and I don’t have the achievement

I made a test map you can run that will help you figure out why the achievement isn’t awarding. It will give you on screen messages in real time when something of yours dies. If nothing dies, it will let you know at the end of the mission if you would have received the achievement in a real game.

It seems that interceptors are considered to be units in this map. That’s a bug obviously. Even if according to lore it’s ok to count them as units, it’s very missleading in this particular case. Mind that, you start the mission with 3 carriers already provided for you. Unfortunately you can’t kill them yourself for obvious reasons. Make sure you don’t build any more Carriers and make sure these 3 initial ones never shoot.

The interceptors don’t cause the achievement to fail. They did initially, but it was fixed in patch 5.0.2.

The only remaining problem is that the achievement says to not lose any units; however, losing structures will cause the achievement to fail too.

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Tried the achievement twice, failed both time.
Maybe the map editor should just hard code every unit death that can count, instead of excluding interceptors and some spell units, thus requiring to potentially add structures and forgotten spell units.
Maybe the condition “(Triggering death type is Normal) == True” would help too.

Still, I think the objective seems somewhat abnormally hard. There’s some meaning that can be found in some achievements, like only using Dark Templars to fix issues met by Dark Templars on Shakuras, but in this case, I don’t really understand how to justify not to loose anything.
Maybe it was the wrong implementation of the idea behind it to begin with.

If the idea was to win only with carriers, maybe not allowing other units than carriers and probe being produced, then only counting carriers deaths, would work better instead?