Templar in Warp prism tips?

Anyone have tips and tricks about how to control the warp prism with high templar in it for better army control vs Terran/Zerg?


En Taro Artanis!

Put high templars 1-3 in different control group with the warp prism.
When you drop high templar, select control group and storm immediately, no need for manual selection (may need a bit practice).

I’d say go for around 2 high templars in the prism, before you become proficient with the strategy, you will keep losing prism all the time and won’t be able to use full energy of templars inside. Using rapid fire could be beneficial, but can be a bit confusing.

Make sure you have a few templars in your main army as well.

Example of such situation:

It showcases problems you may come across.
  • Tanks/lurkers may instakill dropped templar.
  • If you drop Templar too close to enemy army, it will get killed by a-move before it casts spell.
  • Warp Prism can be focused by the player if comes too close.
  • Warp Prism may get killed by Corruptors/Vikings during the fight.
  • In the video it took be ~0.8s to cast storm after dropping a templar, it can be done a bit faster. If you watch the video in slow-motion, you will see why it is so important.

Good luck!

#Edit: I have just checked your profile. Actually you could be giving me tips about HT control. I am sorry for trying to be clever above. I thought you are ~Gold-Diamond. Well. I leave my post for those looking more basic advice.
But for you, maybe consider watching stream of some GM/Master 1 player? You may get ideas from there. I am afraid we don’t have many GMs around the forum, willing to give advices and tips.
zuka, Harstem, Molten, Indy and more have some interesting and useful content.

Adun Toridas!

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