Tell me your thoughts for my Commander List

I made a Commander List.

Very Strong Commanders: Zagara, Karax, Tychus, Abathur, Alarak, Dehaka

Strong Commanders: Fenix, Han & Horner, Zeratul, Raynor, Nova, Stukov, Stetmann, Swann, Mengsk.

Weak Commanders: Vorazun, Artanis (May happen sometimes)

Commanders with Only Strong Heroes: Kerrigan

I didn’t make this commander list on my own, it’s just my opinion. This is what I see when I play coop expertly. I will consider your ideas too. Blizzard, I’m waiting for your ideas.

Please rate this commander list.

Weak Commanders: Vorazun, Artanis (May happen sometimes)

I don’t think Vorazun is weak in the hands of skilled player. Artanis is fun to play, but unfortunately does kind of struggle especially in mutators compared to many other commanders.

Very Strong Commanders: Zagara, Karax, Tychus, Abathur, Alarak, Dehaka

I agree with that all these commanders are generally in the very strong tier. However it should be noted that some of them get countered pretty hard depending what prestige you and playing. For example:

  1. Dehaka gets countered hard by Missile Command.
  2. Karax on any prestige but P2 gets countered hard by eminent domain and propagators. A bunch of other mutators can also make things to be a real pain for him and the effectiveness of his prestiges varies greatly on the map and mutator.
  3. Zagara P1 gets countered by mutators that add map hazards like Blizzard and purifier beam. As well as mutators that can cause her to waste lots of units. Zagara P2. can struggle on maps and comps with lots of air. Zagara is also kind of a one trick pony.
  4. Tychus Struggles with killbots and mutators that punish hero units heavily.

For the Strong commanders catagory I don’t have any disagreements. Although it should be noted that:

Nova get countered hard by certain mutations like Killbots and can struggle hard with many mutations due to having a very limiting unit production structure. Tbh though all commanders have their strengths and weaknesses. This doesn’t make those commanders weak overall though.

Kerrigan’s strongest asset is her Nydus Worms. Her army isn’t great, but even Kerrigan + Nydus Worms alone can work wonders.

She prove to be one of the tankiest heroes with Nydus+Ultralisks. On certain maps and mutations this can prove valuable.