Team Killed 43 Times This League By Same Player

battlenet:://starcraft/profile/1/1837280717378158592 ( Acc name: FckProTech at the time of this post, since he’ll change his name as soon as he catches wind of this thread, he’ll also spam custom games to cover his match history )

Here’s the account, you can take a look at the match history it’s pretty plain and simple and I let it go on this long simply to showcase what kind of malarky the team ladder is.

Blizzard, you have problems and it mainly stems from the idea that for whatever reason you’ve decided to let brand new accounts who sit in 1.8K mmr to enter games with players who are at the top of the ladder.

This account has stolen 2,000+ mmr from me this league alone, therefore ruining my chance at rank #1 on the server.

I don’t really think I need to go any further in detail but if you want a suggestion going forward, fix your match making and ensure that the matches get paired up more evenly to preserve the integrity of the ladder.

barcode account complaining lmao

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Barcodes aren’t remotely close to as bad as team killers so what is your point?

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as a twitch streamer, you invite a lot of stream cheating and harassment in your games by using your main handle. this is why I use a barcode, so while I agree 90% of barcodes have no reason to be using a barcode, i’m not one of them.

furthermore, this has nothing to do with the fact that an account that has less than 2K mmr is able to get into a game with a player who sits at the top of the ladder, whenever they want.

this is a gigantic screw up on blizzards part and they need to address it.

Klashbash-> most of the tkers are barcodes.

Seal → i got news for you bud, 2v2 aint got that many daily players. I see probably the same 30 people every day play it. Your gonna run into them alot more if they are one of the dailys. Dont get me wrong there is a ton of people who still play 2v2, but not on a daily basis. what they need to do is fix the bronze league bug that way we aint getting so many of the trash players in our games. It is the end of the season too, your gonna see alot of tkers comeing out of the wood work to screw all the other players.


I got news for you bud, what I’m complaining about has been going on since the dawn of starcraft.

With microsoft buying out blizzard, i’m hoping someone at the round table of morons actually makes good decisions going forward, if not whatever. No harm in bringing up something that shouldn’t be going on in the first place.

I cant help but notice that your only proposed fix is to wave a magic wand and make it better.


Seal-> no really i didnt know that it went on since the dawn of starcraft…(this is sarcasm). Bringing it up on the forums tho aint gonna help you or your cause. There is no blizzard people here, just us few people who still actually read the forums. As for the microsoft people doing anything about it, probably not gonna happen. We aint gonna see anything from microsoft anytime soon regarding this game. they got too much on there plate getting everything settled and working on the newer main titles that activision blizzard hold. secondary titles like starcraft and warcraft aint gonna get attention anytime soon.

Kelthar-> lmao, right, he just wants that wand waved so bad.

Solution is pretty simple:

Remove this idea that smurfing is so easily accessible. For example in League Of Legends, it takes about 1-2 months of leveling an account ( depending on how much you play ) to even be able touch the ladder.

The restrictions that they have in this game is comical, it takes at best a few days for 1v1, and for 2v2 you can play the ranked ladder immediately. This results in a lot of ladder abuse, smurfing, and overall just a joke of a ladder.

Remove the mass volume of smurfing, you fix the ladder, don’t remove it, and it will continue to get worse and worse over time.

The other problem that the team ladder currently has is a bugged MMR system, which again, is a direct result of too many ranked ladder accounts belonging to one person. The system thinks that there are more players than there actually are, so every other season ( if we’re lucky ) it normalizes and adjusts for the real player base.

I do not understand what the issues is. For many years random team games were filled with team killers. I stopped playing random team games right when I got M1 and play only in team since. Is the AM server so empty that it is impossible to find ML+ player for 2vs2?

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This has been addressed trillions of time since F2P. In order to deal with this you would have to introduce massive changes to entire laddering system (ex. locking accounts on phone number or IP maybe ? - but i assume most people would not agree to this.) Personally i believe that smurfing is a disease that can no longer be treated until someone strikes the table with the fist. F2P literally opened pandora box that can’t be closed now. And reverting to old paid-account system is impossible.

Who is teamkilling the poor guy? You guys gotta stop hunting this man’s livelihood… Clearly he needs to earn an income and farm noobs in Singapore!

If he ain’t farming, he ain’t making a living!


You’re the pot calling the kettle black! you leave, dodge or teamkill anyone you think isn’t deserving of your time and you have the nerve to cry and complain about someone doing it back to you?

43 was the total games played on the account at the time you wanted to write the post. In reality only about 5-10 of the games showing were with you. You are lying and misleading the forum for support? Everyone hates you already, seeing you cry just makes people happy.


3v3 is the superior team game mode.

Said the sniper/maphacker who doesn’t want the system to change because he spends 8 hours a day sniping a team game sc2 player.

Top KeK

It’s impossible to find decent games anymore due to the way the system works. When the system reverts back to normal MMR ranges, there’s too many people who have been smurfing on different accounts, being able to rank those accounts into M1.

What ends up happening, is when the ranges are normal, the system at the end of a season thinks there’s more M1 players than there actually are, resulting in the MMR ranges going up.

This breaks the ladder, because in reality there aren’t that many people playing the ladder, SO, in order to fix the issue, blizzard has to fix players from being able to smuf on as many accounts as they want.

I don’t actually care if the cause is fixed, I gave up on this forum and long time ago, I’m simply pointing out a very elementary problem that can be fixed in the event that after blizzard was bought out by microsoft, there might be new eyeballs on the forums.

Whether it gets fixed or not, I really couldn’t care less, it was just be a bonus for me to remove the idiots who play the ladder, I already have my way of dealing with it.

Dude its been close to three years now, and they have yet to fix a bug that effects all of the 2v2 mmr, and you think there gonna come out of the wood work just to stop teamkillers and smurfs. lmao you are dememted if you think anything is gonna get fixed in team games. They dont care about us team players, they dont care about the team scene and they dont care what happens in team games. you know why, because they only care about there 1v1 grandmaster players and there tournaments for them. the rest of us sc2 players are the homeless being left out in the cold and ignored. Its as simple as that.

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Fixing the issue has nothing to do with team games. Put a stricter policy in place for people being able to make new accounts and just do whatever they want on the ladder, doesn’t matter if it’s team games or 1v1, that’s irrelevant.

The fix at the moment for any and all ladder users is to cancel your queue at 3m 3seconds. This forces the algorithm to not put brand new accounts in the game.

For 1v1 players, this fixes the problem, and they dont have to search for hours. For high level team players, you wait 3+ hours with queue cancels to find a game, but then at least it forces trolls to use their mains.

that makes absolutely no sense what so ever. How do you cancel your que at 3m3s if you get a que less than a min. 3+ hours for a que, where in the world do you live that no one plays sc2 that you gotta wait 3+ hours. Most of my ques for teams only last about 2 min max, let alone 1v1 which is almost instant. Dude you need to put the rock pipe down.