Tactics That Win Style Points

See title. Winning isn’t fun without being frivolous and vain.

For example: Mass Warprism.


Karax maxing out on all upgrades (even though it’s hardly needed)

Having an ally on the pub queue that actually supports you, like chrono boosting your upgrade structures, clearing your expansion rocks before theirs or at the same time, or spends a calldown to save your army just to name a few. That’s big style points for me.

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On L&L, I was Nova and ally was P player. We take the lock on the left, encounter Lurkers and SH, only to realize that I forgot to do her Visor upgrade! My ally notices too and CB my Ghost Academy :sunglasses:

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Fenix mass Disruptor

haha void trashers go boom

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Any commander who can play from 1 base and let ally take an expansion, while actually playing efficiently.

Raynor — M.U.L.E. spam, mass infantry from 4 barracks (should be enough gas for MMM as well as upgrades), also mass Vultures with Spider Mines all over the place (especially strong at P2).
Kerrigan — hero solo all the way through the midgame, then Omega Worms spam with Zerglings and Hydralisks.
Swann — research all turret upgrades, then, well, just spam turrets all over the place and salvage when needed (especially strong at P2).
Dehaka — OM NOM NOM NOM all alone :smiling_imp:

This topic is so old. My next necro may be my own as I will be dead of old age by the time I come to write in one of those “topics I know to be around” lol.

Today style:
Stukov, Scythe of Amon. Me casual, ally normal.
Start with 3 barracks, then build more and move them closer to the frontlines.
I had 12 or 15 near the end.

  • Do not build tech labs
  • Do not build engineering bay
  • Do not build bunkers
  • Avoid using vespene (I made 4 refineries with 1 scv each in case things go wrong, but it worked this time)
  • No upgrades or researchs
  • Apocalisk is acceptable (I didn’t have the Aleksander anyway)

Sometimes the enemy shields/armors were painful…as the attacks of my infested failed to be so, but through sheer numbers and record mineral speedspending, that could be overcome.


By the way, I tried this since then ^

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Winning a polarity mutation on my own since my solo queue ally left at the start of the game

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Rifts of Korhal, clearing the map of every creep and Zerg structure if enemy is Zerg before destroying the last rift.

The tragedy of “Polarity” is that it’s actually easier to win after ally leaves the game, because then you can control both armies by yourself…