Swarm Host OP in 4v4

So, my take on the Swarm Host, in combination with Nydus Worm, in 4v4 (note, i’m a 4v4 player) is incredably OP. The fact that the locust can be spawned and the SH can dive back into the Nydus to hide from any counter attack needs to be changed.

So, here’s how I’d fix this balance issue. First off, Locust damage doesn’t need to be changed. The fact that the SH can hide after dropping off the Locust is what needs to be addressed. Imagine if a Medivac can hide after dropping off Marines. That is what i’m talking about. Since SH hasn’t been viable in 1v1 since HotS, I dont think this change would impact 1v1 either. That being said, if the SH drops off Locust and then hides, all locust from that SH should immediatly die. It makes sense. The SH is the lifeblood of the Locust and should therefore be tethered to if the SH is on the field. If not that, then reduce the flight speed of the Locust so that they cant cross gaps as fast allowing units to intercept them.

I hope that that this can balance SH because as it is right now, SH are too easy to use and remove any other builds from the game.

One u can’t adjust a game on 4 vs 4 to many variables.

It does have weak point and take out tunnels u kill them all.

Plus’s after attack u got 40 seconds not abled to attack and if enemy doesn’t try to counter that’s there problem and it’s not op

i agree , 4v4 , that’s to many variables ,

as a zerg player , i feel that swarm host needs a rework , but , its hardly OP ,

for a unit to rely on nydus worm is fragile as F to start with .

right now SH is a niech unit , and as a niech unit , it be naturally good at one thing . other wize it defeat the puprous of having said unit .

I would like that two locust be separate timers and option hatch inside swarm host.

So u can chose cast all of them or do one then wait for other about respawn to cast other set.

personlay , that is too much micro .

if there are gonna be units that are gonna be micro demading they should be

early units , or cheep units , repurposed for late game .
capitol ships , should be mico heavy , as that they have concentrated effects .

easier said than done though .

in my mind , id just have swarm host be converted in to a Crusie missle carrier .

it no longer would build units at all , it lauch a locust , and it hit its target , just like siege tank , but with percing affects , not splash affects .

there are two option in my opinion for this type of unit

11+ range , but each range would lower the DPS of the missle unit would be slower as well .

11 – range , would increase the dammage of the missle ( as that the unit is closer to danger , unit would also get speed bounus for this type of idea

either way unit would have to cost more than it dose cause this would become a MUCH easier unit to use , as offer greater flexailbity to other unit compositions .

I think Zerg needs strong aoe more then single target.

Lurker is worst type aoe unit, u have ambush unit to gets effective of aoe or drop blank range.

Because it really only hits one unit before it gives its position away.

I think it be more effective if move under ground and fires on top.

So back to swarm host small aoe is more needed then single target.