Swarm Host 2 , MZFA

i pre pose that swarm host be completely rebuilt as such

presently swarm host is fragile , and niche .

right now he cost 200, 100 3 population

he is kinda a like a washed up siege tank wana be a cruse missile bay .

i think he should be transferred to a cheep carrier

changes would include increase , 250,200 4 pop 40 sec build time

it should produce 2 kinds of units

1 mini bails , at 25 mineral each

scourgling ( a weaker scourge ) at 25 mineral ,

each host can make either or and have up to 4 ( its 4 population )

the mini bails are not supper effective , but they no longer cost gas , and they can be swarmable
there dammage out put and health should be comparable to the present locust .

mini scourge , would basicly be a cruise missle

i belive this unit would fall well in the rules of the zerg , and rid of magic units that are … wishy washy . the unit still lives up to its name , can still be slow and sluggish it has not become op and brings units that are out dated in tier 1 to a beter use .

Hydra lisk ( i will post about this on separate post )

the hydralisk is just s buffed up marine , its marine 2x , but zerg weakness is air , obviously . but in this case , i believe that if the gas on Hydra was dropped to 25 , they would make an excellent counter to marines agen , and bailings nest could be removed

after making this unit , tempest should gets it range back

MZFA , making zerg fun agen

Dude you keep bring up scourges, there not in sc2, only sc1, with the exception of the custom games people make and put them in it.

same with marine , hydra , lurker , zelot , carrier , BC ect .

No I think what is needed swarm host has 4 options

1 launch locust and fire o or 2 they be on separate timer.

2nd mode is u can hatch in side swarm host hp won’t add since based on swarm host.

Then reduce parsite bomb in half 60 damage 3 seconds and Target friendly but does no damage.

So u can Target flying locust broodlings overlords etc. when flying unit lands it acts like unit dies.

So u can extra range without risking your vipers.

thats not a bad idea , it act like a sniper set up a spotter and a shtooter of 5 supply , all magic involved .

but , still like mine better .

any how the strength of the locust makes it hard to judge a magic unit , the spawn time drops the dps and the swarm host cast only one spell that effects are some what defendable .