Swarm Campaign- All Achievements BUG

I’ve made ALL the achievements (completed all missions) of Swarm Campaign and I haven´t earned any of the reward - “Kerrigan Banner” and “Sarah Kerrigan Banner”. They are still blocked for me.
This is very frustrating since I completed every single mission of the Swarm Campaign and received absolutely no reward.:rage::sob:
Can somebody kindly help me?? :sob: :sob:


2nd, I have just pushed out my final achievement and don’t have the banner either.

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Also, I have noticed that while there are no “unearned” achievemens left, there is still some space on the progress bar below the swarm campaign. Are there hidden achievements that are necessary?

It’s nearly September, Blizz where you at?
I found another post where someone was reporting this stuff.

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Hey Guy’s,

Do you have any problems with Heart of Swarm Mastery Archives Achievements. I’m almost done i have 5 left to go. Some the achievements are strange and couldn’t get them for some reason. Almost done.

Walter Chow

I’ve done the Achievments plus mastery achivements as well but couldnt get the kerrigan banner/s… how is it possible to contact someone who can solve this?
thank you

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Almost finishing up HotS Heart of the Swarm Achievement and still having problems with it. My charcaters seems to be moving by itself and not my mouse. Also tons of cheating with 2v2 players. Build pretty fast. Blizzard must fix.

Walter Chow.

This… 3’rd

All achievements are done. No “unearned”. But at the campaign screen (Episode II) it reads 96% done.

I came here in hope to find a soloution… Seems like none is to find o.o
I wonder why no BLU GUYS have commented on this yet :frowning:

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Hey Misery,

I told you it bug problem for Heart of Swarm. I got 97% as of yesterday. Also have a problem with league matchup’s misetaking all the time. I played the Heart of Swarm 2 times. Only 4 achievements left to go.

Walter Chow

same problem… :frowning:

What are you missing specifically?

Same, Completed entire swarm campaign, 170/170 achievements and still don’t have Kerrigan banner

I’ve got the same issue. It’s been more than a year without it getting fixed? :man_facepalming:

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Bump. Just finished getting all 170 achieve yet says 98%.

Found it. Check every single tab under swarm. I found my missing stuff in “Mastery”

its been months and its still buggy why?
170/170 and still no Kerrigan banner not only that it shows 84% achievement
what is going on and when Blizzard want to fix this issue?!
170/170 and still no Kerrigan banner

170/170 is not all the achievements, you’re probably missing the mastery achievements or some of the story mode achievements (for example speaking to each character or complete the campaign on brutal). when you click the Swarm Campaign tab, click Story Mode underneath it and check if something is missing, and check the Mastery tab as well (bottom of the list).

nah that was just sample all of them from A to Z finished & still dont have it!
as matter of mastery i think that one will open Star under your avatar+ Sarah Kerrigan banner the second one if memory serves