Suggestions for my Stalker Build

I am a low-mid gold player trying to improve my gameplay. I can pretty much defeat Protoss and Terran easily, however I always lose to zergling rushes. If anyone can suggest how I can change my build but keeping the base formula to defeat Zerg that would be fantastic. The build is fast enough to defeat 2-3 proxy barracks rush at fourth/third, but I always get crushed by lings. I do not wall my base ever so maybe thats an issue. Please do not suggest dirty toss cheese like proxy stargate or proxy warpgate, I simply will not consider it. Here is my build order. I get around 7-9 stalkers at the 4 min mark, then spawn in an extra 4 once I reach the enemy base with warp prism:

  • Probes

  • Pylon

  • Gate

  • Assimilator

  • Cybernetics Core

  • Nexus (1:35)

  • Pylon

  • Assimilator

  • Stalkers ASAP

  • Twilight Council

  • Robotics Facility

  • Gateway x2

  • Blink (Lots of chrono boost)

  • Observers (Chrono)

  • Warp Prism (Chrono)

  • Gateway (4 total)

  • Assimilator

  • Push at 4mins with warp prism

  • Attack once you get at least 11 stalkers or if observer reveals a weaker army

  • Nexus if you cannot kill enemy

  • Go into macro game with a total of 1 Darkshrine, 1 stargate, 4 Robotic Facilities, and 8 gateway build with 2 forges(upgrade time)

Train to wall against 12 pool, roach rush and ravager rush.
(1-2 shield batteries will help immensly, get a voidray or 2, if you have too much gas)
Stalkers are great vs. cheese so just focus on how to wall correctly.

You can even open up a custom game in the arcade section and title it: “zerg cheese imba” and wait for anyone to test your wall.
(focus on the first 5min and only like 5-10 times a day, rewatch your replay, post them here and wait for feedback)

Good luck!

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Thanks! I will do like what winter says and “play with myself” to work on building a quick wall. I always assumed stalkers are bad vs lings. I don’t use batteries because I am so used to early legacy of the void, the concept is alien to me. Guess I will add them to my build. Thanks for the info!

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Try Super Fusion to optimize your build order.

Wtf even is this? Im sorry but I really have no clue what the heck this is.

4robo is too much ;-; thats pretty mch insanity unless u go against terran mech or smth i think going sg in pvz is much more better because the void buff and its much easier to take ur third.lings generally counter stalker.but if u really want to play this build consider adding colosis in in and some sentry too u cant just mass stalker