Suggestion: hallucinated probes can mine


Here is the idea: give to hallucinated probes from sentries the ability to mine. However, they wouldn’t gather any real mineral/gas to the Nexus: only the animation would be real. Moreover, they would collide with normal probes as if they were real when mining.

Why is it cool?

Because hallucinations are an amazing idea but they are sadly underused. My suggestion would allow to a protoss player to fake the fact that he is fully mining his natural base for example while in reality, he is going for an aggressive play.

What are your thought about this? If you like the idea or have suggestions, please react to give more exposure to this post and have the devs read it.

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The problem is that sentries are so gas heavy that by the time you make an entire mineral line in the natural…your opponent will show up with almost any army and kill everything including your expensive now energy drained sentries. I like the idea. But wouldnt work. Perhaps different hallucinations should cost different energy amounts. Then you might have a topic of discussion

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Let me remind you that currently, for 75 energy, a sentry generate 4 probes, and not 1. Imagine maybe reducing the energy cost to 50 OR/AND getting that number up to 6 OR/AND increasing the hallucination time a bit.

Advantage: the enemy believes your third is full and you are going economic. Better utilisation of that spell.

Disadvantage: If you have 16 hallucinated probes mining and you bring 6 real probes on that base, then you mining will be less efficient than having 0 hallucinated probes and only 6 real ones. If the sum of hallucinated and real is less than 16, then your mining is going to be efficient.

Hallucinating probe is a spell that nobody uses, my suggestion attempts to make usable. :slight_smile:

Why should you hallucinate probes to get … hallucianted minerals?

Faking that you play macro doesn’t make much sense.
You plan to do 2base allin let’s say - 4gate or proxy robo. First thing you do is make sentries, then wait for their energy just to hallucinate probes with timed life, hoping to fool your opponent thinking you invested in economy (so he does not build defense), while in reality you invested in Sentries that are now useless, because they have no energy (so he does not need the defense anyway).

Well, then reduce the cost of hallucination from the sentries or increase the number of hallucinated probes for it to make sense. Nobody uses that spell.

“Why should you hallucinate probes to get … hallucianted minerals?”
Well… Starcraft is a game of information. Its quite self explanatory

(Moreover, force fields are not useless. Its actually quite a common thing to see a couple sentries in a pro-match in any matchup)

I never said FF are useless. I wrote that Sentries without energy (that was used to hallucinate probes) are (in an allin).
Last time I checked Sentry required energy to cast FF.

On the other hand you keep saying that nobody uses hallucination. Hallucination is great for scouting, I see no point in hallucinating probes. If you want your enemy to think that you are saturating your natural or third, just send probes from main there (and do not let them scout your main).

If higher level players do not use hallucination too often than it’s probably because they either have all the information they need, or they are saving energy for FFs. Either was hallucinating probes seem even more wasteful/useless.

If higher level players do not use hallucination too often than it’s probably because they either have all the information they need

Maybe I wasnt cleanr but it is not about the information they need but the information they show.

All right, let us sum up this conversation:


  • New tool set to create false information
  • Give some incensitve to play some particular hallucinations (nobody hallucinates probes at the moment)


  • “Too niche” (by Someone); (I dont see that as an negative argument personnally but this is an opinion)

Remember that development is not free. So if you meant this as a serious suggestion for something to be added to the game, you should consider if it will be actually ever used by other people than just Florencio.

Of course it will be used. Same was said about dark templar blinks which was released almost a year ago though haha
Regarding development, it is almost free and based on existing tech: probe collision already exists, mining animation exists, mining logic exists. Hallucinated probes are standard probes which can mine but their mining value is 0.

Hehe i dont know if it would be used, but it could be hilarious:)

Eh seems pretty useless. If you’re going to bother to make a 2nd or 3rd nexus you are going to want to saturate it anyway. Otherwise you are wasting 400mins and century production to “fake” your opponent. Not really worth it.

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