Suggestion for a new mutator: terryfied

In this mutator donnie will listen to terry. Every time he does all your workers will stop mining. And start attacking each other for 1 damage.

Its up to you to break up the fight by individually clicking each worker and press the stop attack button.

Please don’t listen to terry

Didn’t know mutators could get worse but you’re proving me wrong. Indeed don’t listen to this guy.

Blizzard: Updated TerryFied to add more gameplay.

  1. You are now taxed based on your gross income, a 30% tax to continue playing the game.

  2. You must purchase a 6 month wow subscription in order to unlock the Play the game dlc to continue

  3. At random intervals, Terryfied will also simultaneously monetize the sc2 coop screen placing unremovable 50% screen size banners that block you from interacting with your units. These will have Terryfied DLC units, telling you to spend more gold on wow and that they will nerf ripped off features from Gw2 soon and probably whatever the Frostgiant Sc2 devs make if their game becomes successful

  4. The mutator will in general, not be targeted at testing unit gameplay but drain your sanity, will of enjoyment, and just generally make the game a slog. You can still complete it, but it’ll be the equivilent serotonin experience of being told you could get to voluntarily be audited to double check your taxes.

Content not coming to sc2.

Tesla coil cannons for Swann or Karax or alternative photon cannons designs to play into the “tower defense” commander design. Such as buildable cheap 50 mineral suction traps that boost nearby tower ranges +3 with 300 shields and 50 hp With salvage or semi permanant teleportation options available for his towers with 60 second cds.

But wait, there’s more!

Terryfied will now feature a Breakdancing Terry dancing over your ally PUG raynor’s corpse, celebrating his grand 1 year anniversary of managing to A shoot move his own workers in FULL 14 apm glory. XD
Jeez, allies, so helpeful! :smiley: