Stukov, The commander that could. No longer viable defensively through changes?

Hi I am wishing to have a refund or some kind of difference on the commander stukov. There have been so many changes I can no longer hold on dead of night and it’s driving me through a world of mental pain. I used to love this commander and playing him but the changes made to him have left me feeling very terrible playing him everytime now. I just got out of 4 brutal matches with this hero and 3 of them I lost trying to hold defense. Yet, Karax had 0 issues my bunkers are dying I only get 2 of them and he gets like 6 cannons. There’s no balance to this it’s pve. The changes to this commander have left me very bewildered as to wanting to buy another character at all. I love this game mode as do my friends and we share the same feeling about the commander. He’s become very useless with all the changes made. I would really like to see this fixed. Because this is a major issue with having purchased an entirely different playstyle on release of him. I know it’s not in the department for any support guy to change the game. But, someone has to be told that the decisions being made with the commander Stukov are horrible. They have made the commander regardless of level and prestige unable to function in the defensive department where his role was originally extremely fun. My friend complains at max prestige his bunkers just can’t do anything nor can they hold. So riddle someone this. Why is it this commander can no longer hold his own? When there was a time that he was awesome and fun for it. Others completely decimate at the same levels. I kind of want a refund due to the changes but I put so much work into leveling and playing him it’s become something I’d rather see fixed than anything. This 400 mineral bunker are ya kidding me? Nice commercial sale that has I am sure. Dead of night not fun and actually created a mental anguish while playing due to the changes. Please if there is anything that is capable of being relayed to a development department let them know this commander needs help and changes made closer to his original sale. Why do I want to own a commander I can’t play anymore of if I have no fun playing what it’s like now? I bought something completely deifferent. But, because he’s under responsive in overwhelming conditions his plays become trashy offensive. It’s a pve game after all who cares. Whats wit hthe irrational decisions? Karax just trumps defenses all day I don’t want to play Karax though I played Stukov for this. I hate these games changing so much like this. Please ask them to revert him back. Or at least let him have defensive capabilities on dead of night and not have to play like Han and Horner. I have a feeling many other players feel this way and would like to know and share this experience by all measn if yo ufeel the same way let this topic come to light.

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Had a bit much to say about the changes man. Wish more people would speak up about it.

Stukov is Great defensively

For Dead of night (or any infested map)
Bunker + siege tank
(if P1 use Turret + siege tank)

for other defense (temple) Bunkers are fine. (if you want only bunkers go P3)

remember you can change which Prestige you have active.

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Combine bunkers or turrets with infested siege tanks or alternatively just make siege tanks with diamondbacks to bring flying units to the ground.

Siege tanks can easily defend dead of the night and used to push out to destroy structures at day time.

If you pick the first Prestige “Frightful Fleshwelder”, you can even go full mech and with 30% attack speed from the mastery, nothing will be able to get close.

Use engineering bays or barracks infront of them as walls.
This will make the hordes group up and die to the aoe.

Pure bunkers is also viable, it’s just not the most optimal choice imo.


I was trying to mix bunkers and siege tanks using the first prestige my gates just got locked down by supports and wouldn’t hold for anything. Even with missle turrets mixed in they meant nothing and the doors just got trounced.

Just make some engineering bays or barracks in front of them as walls.

Bunkers siege tank should work very well with the upgrade that let you shoot explosive infested (you’ll need that upgrade) and the upgrades for bunkers.
Else if you send the replay maybe we could help more.

Stukov P1 is one of my fav commanders but it is true, mostly on offense. Maybe P3 would suit you more on DoN?

But is it even worth leveling the commander to attempt? Is the time just going to be wasted? My friend says it’s not worth it the bunkers just don’t do it anymore even on regular brutal. He’s already max prestige with Stukov. I am trying to edge a push of a collective with opinions that are shared. So far I am hearing just that.

I personally love P1 for his diamondbacks which work really well on all maps but infested maps (miner evac and DoN) where I need to add tanks as well.

Stukov P1 in attack is extremely strong but even in defense he should be very strong. Tanks which throw banelings do a lot of AOE and the banelings get targeted as well + calldowns.

As for P3 I heard it was quite good on defensive maps as it provides with endless streams of infested terrans. A few weeks back there was a mutation with “Just die” (unit relive once after dying) and Void Reanimator and several players chose Stukov P3 for it.
youtube com/watch?v=nbU-9i0rhVU&

Karax P0 or P1 is probably better to def DoN … but that’s like the only map he is really good at so it is not really a fair comparison (and Stukov is much stronger in most other maps). If you send the replay maybe we could help more.

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It wouldn’t matter I could send you all 4 replays of my 3 - 4 bunkers at each gate suffering lockdown for 10 seconds seconds and having their crap kicked in shortly after by amons forces. 4 out of the 5 games turned out that way. Trying to hold defensively for a teamate to build attack forces. Every game turned out the same way my minimal amount of bunkers being locked down by an overseer and the gates being decimated. What I am getting at is he can’t deal with stuff like that where other commanders can easily due to over pricing and minimal usage of such. He’s become more of a Han and Horner style play and that’s not what he was when released. This is what I am getting at. The playstyle should vary. Yes he used his diamondbacks but that wasn’t the only viable unit he had he had marine spam too or could bunker spam. Now it’s just like diamondback or go home. Your video link didn’t work. But I am sure they weren’t doing the defensive role in DoN. They just made it unfun to play in comparisson to what it was. Even the defensive shuttle mission and the other protecting the center he struggles. Holding a position that can easily be lockdowned by 2 random overseers.

For the link I sent you just need to add the dot back before ‘com’. Now it’s P3 and it is bunker spam but not purely defensive.

On the same mutation (which required extremely strong defense) a Stukov P0 purely def
youtube com/watch?v=XSaGWIuvwzE&list=PLw8SDzZTNGU-gE40kitJoFtdNNLr4qxcj&index=9

Spotters (Huge overseers special ennemies of DoN) are nasty for high cost defenses. The Stukov P0 video showcase quite well what you need in a worst case scenario to defend (unit living twice and spawning constantly because of the mutation). It does include a few turrets as well.

I don’t get that. Karax and possibly Swann are really good for def but compared to anyone else Stukov tanks are really strong and easy to use. You can even deep tunnel them if they aren’t at the right spot and what they send takes aggro.

For the defensive shuttle mission I mass Diamond backs and liberators because I love those and they work super nice :stuck_out_tongue: but I am sure bunkers tanks for ground waves and liberators works wonder too.

The siege tanks and bunkers aren’t working that’s my problem.

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Infested Bunkers and Infested Tanks really are match made in heaven, very effective in ground/air defence.

To be fair, Infested Bunkers are so Chunky that it is a big problem that infested troopers/civilians can’t get through between them (even it seems Possible).

I also personally wish that Infested Bunkers can have separate rally point so they can go into separate direction.

Stukov is for me a very strong and fun commander to play and I believe there may be a way to play him you’d like.

Still maybe other commanders could suit you more directly. For example if I get your play-style right maybe Zeratul’s canon build?
Zeratul’s P2 in particular has cannons that become extremely resistant over time and end up doing plenty of damages after a few artifacts (30 + 3*nb artifacts found). For DoN I guess you could solo def for many many nights.

Untrue topic title.

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Huh… it continues to warm my heart to hear that Karax is getting more kudos than some of the other COs! Seriously, I lost trakc of all the times that Karax caught flak in the past!

Feel free to speak up! However, I’m going to be honest and say that I agree… without paragraphs, I didn’t bother to read any of that. It would help to put in a few, if nothing else to attract more readers.

The greatest defense is a strong offense. Pump out mass diamondbacks all day erryday

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What changes made Stukov unplayable, I wonder? He literally got only buffs. The only nerf is bunker cost 300 -> 400, yes, slows down mass bunker strart a bit, but not that big of a deal overall.


His bunkers have been adjusted from 6 troops in them to size and it feels liek even their armor values have changed.