Stukov: Extra CC Creep?

I highly doubt this is a valid strategy, but do people ever build extra Command Center just to spread creep faster? I’m talking about maps like Malwarfare where the map is a long line.


Just how long does it take to get “sufficient coverage” of creep from Stukov’s main? Would 12 minutes of (in-game) time be enough? However, I will acknowledge that until then, it can be hard to get around. His P3 especially so, but his P1 should have a better time. Wondering about his P2, but nobody really uses it (heh).

Another thing is the last update when Blizzard devs were still working on the game was Overlords (Ol’s) can dump creep, so I’ve seen some players use that to set down some towers (like bunkers), or to create a “creep roadway” for infested walkers. I guess that would wreck his low APM style of play though.

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On most maps I don’t think its worth it, but it could be worth it on Malewarefare due to the linear nature of it.

Stukov CC gives 15 supply and Stukov overlord gives 8 supply. So after deducting the supply provided by CC, the CC only cost 213 mineral.

The third CC can save on 2 larvae when Stukov may be lacking. The third CC may be able to help Stukov saturate earlier from its larva production. The third CC may also be used for the far gas.

All those above on top of creep spread for 213 mineral does not seem that bad. I do consider third CC when on Malwarfare.

Where do you put the 3rd CC then? As close to the final terminal seems ideal, but then you’d need to clear to that space (or at least don’t attract attack waves nor loitering enemies), which in a “chicken or egg” situation, can be hard to do without creep being out there.

dont forget about build time

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Is it really an issue? I mean the CC can move as the frontline advance.

Just to make sure we;re on the same page, CC = command center.

So you just uproot it, and move it to the edge of the creep spread? As a CC, it can land without creep, but I’m only suggesting that so your troops can reach there and support it, lest it get picked off by attack waves, or base defenses.

If it’s put on creep then does it matter where it is? I always assumed it would just put creep around the perimeter in a circle anyway.

I personally don’t see a harm in it, though it’s not that big an advantage, really. Creep roads with Overlords seems the better option (since it’s permanent if it hooks onto a CC somewhere on the creep).

Though, I’ve done it sometimes when paired with Kerrigan, since it’s a big buff for both players.

I was under the impression by the OP that you put a CC closer towards where you want it to reach. So instead of traversing the whole map, you only need to wait the shortened distance. It’s not unlike how you move Barracks and the ICC closer to the front line since units need time to traverse there, and those units are on timed life.

It sounds like you folks are saying to make an extra CC or 2 next to the expansion so that the rate of creep expansion is faster? If so, I didn’t know it worked here as well. I do know it’s a thing with Kerrigan P1 queens where putting down one Creep Tumor spreads creep, but multiple of them will actually make it faster.

Yup, each infested CC generates creep in an infinite radius, just really slowly. Basically just a hidden ability that automatically fills the next uncreeped spot each time off cooldown.