Storms Vs Disrupts?

These two abilities seem to overlap. They both have blast aoe, where storms is larger with dps, and disrupters have a smaller aoe but good burst damage. Now an average player can not use both effectively in a fight (I am assuming this because I cant and I think im average)

Storm require mana management but if you have enough storms can be spammed, while disrupt is a basic ability, thus no requiring mana management.

I believe storms are arguably much better then disrupts, and the only two units composition disrupters may be better at dealing with are mecha terran or possible lurkers.

However, I do see disrupter play vs terran bio enough, and even roach hydra. So my main question, are disrupts better then storms in the end game outside of timing pushes, or are storms the superior aoe 9/10 times?

Keep in mind i am only looking at these abilities, HT have more feed back as well as fusion HA ability, I am just looking at storms vs disrupts.

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I think, at least based on the replays of pro level gamers, the issue is that people have gotten so used to dodging storms that they become more of a temporal deterrent rather than a purification nova. That also means that when you are out of storms, the only other option is to morph into archons. Whereas for disruptors, I can keep chaining my purification nova one after another as long as I have enough of them.

For an average player, I’d go with storms because it’s quite low in terms of micro management. Plus, not many Ts know to EMP them; and many Zs don’t know how to move out fast enough and their units have lower hp.

For a more seasoned player, I’d recommend disruptors because of the consistency you get as opposed to storms. And at that level of gameplay, disruptors tend to be a very good zoning ability compared to storms. The only issue is that you need to micro the ball whereas storms are just cast in a targeted area.


In pro-play High Templars do kinda seem like they’re only any good for making archons, maybe for feedbacking, maybe not even that.
Disruptor just does so much more damage and as a burst so if it hits it pretty much always kills something.

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its not nescesary to micro the ball, hit and run! :laughing:

my take is while storm might be outhealed or even prevented by ghosts via emp ruptors aren’t affected in that way and can still fire when thier pants … erm shields are down, also storm does require research, ruptors don’t

on top of that storm does damage over quite some time while the nova damage when it hits is desastrous for most units 1hitkill

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Yeah, I guess its what your preferred okay style is, in another thing rupyer can do better is break seige positions. I just find rupters harder to micro.

Storms hit air and ground, disrupts only hit ground. I prefer to have both in an army

Sure both is better, but that is some intense micro.