Stealth unit rework suggestion

stealth units right now dont feel like infintration units and are generaly pretty lame.

what could be implemented are 2 stealth and detection types, regular and super

types of zones:
units can be given passive and active detection zones, with the passive being the regular 360 zone around the unit, and the active being a small pie slice in front of the, unit similar to enemy ghosts in the covert ops campaign.

detector rework:
psionic units can be given regular detection in their active detection zone, with no passive, while detectors can have regular detection in their passive and super detection in their active
abilities like scanner sweep can regular detection in their normal area but super detection only in a small radius in the center

stealth unit rework:
stealth units can be under regular cloak when moving or attacking, but switch to super cloak when activating certain abilities that transform them into stationary units with a morph time

makes no sense, stop posting