Starcraft's story was bad even BEFORE SC2

Actually this was Artanis and Zeratul, who punched through the UED blockade after they got one of the crystals needed to activate the Xelnaga Temple. Fenix though was on Auir during the Battle of Braxis.

Fenix and Raynor were holding out on Auir. UED came Auir to hunt down Mengsk and kind of smashed through Fenix forces. They would have captured Mengsk and Raynor if Duran didn’t sabotage the operation and let the Zerg break through his section. Granted Fenix forces were kind of in a long term fight with the Zerg when the UED showed up. It was a 3 way fight not 1 v 1 . Still Fenix lost his engagement with the UED. Probably saw them as a formidable danger as a result.

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Kinda funny that we still keep this place sort of on life support just in case we wanna pile up on someone who is clearly wrong.

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Campaign forums really are on life support. If this was a hospital this would be the ICU.

Co Op forums are the non ICU part of the hospital.

And the general / multiplayer forum section aka the balance wine fest section is like outpatient care. No shortage of new complaints about which race is OP.


I’m thoroughly convinced that everyone who still regularly posts on GD does so because there is no moderation and they’ve already been perma’d from both Reddit and TL for toxicity. That’s like the only logical explanation for that place.


I find it kinda hilarious that no one wanted to point out how this was necroed from almost a year ago.

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Usually it’s me or you calling that. And I am not here that often anymore for several reasons.
Fairly busy, happily ruling over my Discord domain as a benevolent dictator and also I kinda want this place to die. In a natural way.

Yeah, but that’s the thing; there’s nothing new Campaign-wise to discuss.

So then the UED isn’t “evil” or worse than anyone else. They’re just better at conquering. And, from a human standpoint, they are a better ally than aliens that want to annihilate all humans or, in the case, of Protoss, genocide human settlements as a means to an end.

Well, the UED didnt come in and enslave and/or annihilate them all, so theres that.

Youre literally sitting here asking why the terrans didnt allow a hostile foreign power to come in and conquer them through military might. I dont even understand why this is a question.


Pretty sure People like Nova, Swann or Mira Han would be glad to be executed for Humanity’s purity :roll_eyes:

UED’s definition of humanity to be preserved doesn’t extend to the Koprulu humans, otherwise they wouldn’t have waited centuries to reestablish contact with them despite spying on them. The BW Manual even state that the UED didn’t care for Terran’s survival, only that the Aliens never reached Earth, and the first thing we see them do in BW is unleashing Zergs on a Terran colony merely to observe them in action before abandoning the planet to its fate.

BW Kerrigan had no plan to conquer or slaughter Terran worlds unlike the UED, and the Protoss were focused on rebuilding their civilization before aiming at reconquering their Homeworld.
They aren’t a great deal, but it’s better than UED’s imperialism.


How is it not?

The game and lore disagree with you, I’m afraid. The UED considers the Koprulu Terran colonists expendable. They are not looking to defend them, they’re looking to use them.

Yes. Because “their fellow humans” mean them greater harm at this point in the story.

The Terran Dominion and Kel Morian Combine specifically are weaker because the UED took control of most of their assets and ran it into the ground. The UED enslaved and willingly put Zerg on Korhal, the Terran capital world! The UED’s entire purpose for being there was to enslave the Zerg and use them to exterminate the Protoss and keep the colonists in check. They were not doing any good for their fellow Terrans.

The Terran’s benefited from allying with alien species because by the end of the Brood War, they had their independence back and were able to rebuild on their own terms.

Yes, and both the Protoss and the Zerg left them alone after the Brood War. The Zerg under Kerrigan left them for four years, and only appeared again because Kerrigan wanted the Xel’Naga artifacts that the Mobeius Foundation found.

It’s clearly stated the UED considered the colonists expendable. How were the colonists not better off by opposing the UED?

The game and lore disagree with you.

Keep in mind, in real life there was a group of Germans who were doing something similar less than a century ago. That group is considered evil by almost every sane human on the planet, and for good reasons.

They won’t destroy the human race, correct, but they will kill/let the colonists die without a second thought. Said colonists allied with alien factions that had their better interests at heart out of pure survival.

No, it’s really not.

Your take on the UED and lore appears to be, yes.

Did you play the game? UED sends Zerg at a Human colony just for science.

UED didn’t come to protect Terrans. They came to “protect” Earth from Koprulu by creating a buffer for themselves or eliminating any opposition in Koprulu.

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Random semantic interjection here. I didn’t think the UED actually organized the attack in the prologue so much as they were observing it. They couldn’t control Zerg at that point. Dugalle wanted to make his forces aware of what they were intending to unleash. IE “you must go into this with both eyes open.”.

They don’t need to, using a psi-emitter Mengsk-style or capturing before releasing a Larva/Drone do the work as well.

That’s possible too. DuGalle mentions “unleashing the Zerg on man,” but that doesn’t mean they did so in this instance.

What is indisputable, however, is that they did not intervene and they let that colony be overrun simply for the sake of observation.

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That is correct, no matter how the Zerg arrived there, the point of the observation was to make sure UED forces, and Stukov in particular, were going to be ok with sitting back and feeding Terrans to the Zerg. As it turned out, they were.

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The Protoss viewed humanity as inferior and expendable to Protoss goals. Wiping out whole human settlements without consulting the Dominion first is outright hostility against human interests. If you want to go the intentions route, I could just as easily say that the UEDs intentions are not cruel either, they want to safeguard humanity against alien threats (makes sense) and wipe out a fraction of the human population they see as a genetic threat to humanitys thriving and health (a eugenic and utopian intention, not sadistic). So, from a effects standpoint, the humans stand to gain more by siding with humans than alien races (side with humans are overall, you will probably live and be the uncontested race in the galaxy, side with aliens, and you will be weaker materially and be allowed to exist as a race only if the aliens wish it so). From intentions standpoint, UED is no different than the Protoss, who want to use mass culling policies to reach their goals. The difference is, the UEDs intention is human focused whereas the Protoss don’t give a damn about humans, their focus is continued Protoss survival and the Zerg stand in the way. To the aliens, humans are either food, or expendable. For Terrans, the UED is a lesser evil in the Starcraft universe where there is no free society or ideal situation.

We aren’t talking anecdotal examples, we’re talking overall picture here. Who is better for humans? Other humans taking over or aliens? And not just aliens, but aliens who, in both cases, are either equal to the UEDs callous brutailty or who want to to wipe out all of humanity entirely? The UED didn’t launch their campaign to wipe out all Koprulu Terrans to the last man.

Their intention is to safeguard Earth, thus, ensuring human survival and domination in that sector THUS they would not wipe out the Terrans, they would set up their own governor in the sector to rule over the Terran worlds and use existing Terran manpower and material to keep the aliens at bay. This myth of the UED killing all Terrans in Koprulu not only has no evidence backing it up (even the UPI left most humans alive on Earth during their purge) but it makes no sense logistically to kill off all humans in a sector that you want to use as a bulwark against alien threats. Kerrigan, from the moment she became infested, has been either working to destroy other races for the sake of the Overmind or seeking to take control of the Zerg herself for her own power hungry and murderous agenda. Where is this mythical “peace and love” Kerrigan you speak of? Its the ZERG! They exist to consume rival races and Kerrigan only ceased openly espousing this agenda when she was weak and on the ropes.

Once she recovered, she was back to leading the Zerg in slaughtering and consuming rival races and dominating Korpulu, just like the Overmind did. How is that any better than the UED for Terrans? The Protoss only stopped hostility toward humans when the greater Zerg threat had them up against the wall and weakened them to the point where they needed a human alliance. The Protoss, in times of strength, fly their fleets around, nuke human settlements to achieve their Zerg containment goals and care nothing for human interests. How are the Zerg and Protoss not “imperialist”? They want to dominate and crush their rivals just like the UED. The difference: Blizzard says UED is the “bad guys” so OK. Great logic. Any objective assessment says, UED is, at worst, no different than the other factions, is the lesser evil for Terrans who have a better chance of surviving under fellow human rule rather than letting hostile aliens win, and at best, is the only safeguard humanity overall has against total annhilation at the hands of the Zerg immediately and the Protoss eventually.

Prior to the arrival of the Zerg, The Protoss policy towards other races was one of explicit non-interference. There is no indication whatsoever that they had any interest in conquering, exterminating, or really doing anything at all towards the Terrans.


Why would the UED ask the Dominion permission to come in and safeguard the sector for humanity? First off, the Dominion was getting its butt kicked and the UED is the representation of the human home world coming to bring order to a situation where humans are on the verge of extinction in Koprulu at the hands of alien races. In such a situation, formalities and asking permission are unnecessary. Its an emergency and the UED, being the ultimate expression of human authority, by asking permission for anything, shows weakness right off the bat.

The UED correctly understood that not only is humanity itself at risk in Koprulu but that colonial Terrans naturally will resist UED authority. In a time of alien threats, one does not have time to negotiate sovereignty matters, its a time for survival and unity against external threats. What’s more, when they first siege Braxis, Mengsk resists. He doesn’t parlay or request negotiations, he simply buckles down and say lets fight. Don’t make the Dominion out to be these innocent guys who just want peace when they don’t send peace delegations or diplomats.

They just make ultimatums, and in a time of alien threats, no less. The Dominion leadership seems more incompetent the more I think about it. They’re prepared to doom their race to destruction even when other humans come to the rescue of their species. Instead they throw up territorial claims against the UED. Just silly when you’ve got monsters on your doorstep and your about to become Zerg food and the Protoss are only acting nice because they got their butts handed to them. A minute ago, the Protoss were acting like they were lords of the universe seeing humans as an inferior race to be destroyed if it furthered their interests.