Starcraft lore actually isn't that bad

Really, aside from Kerrigan becoming a Xel’naga there’s not many glaring issues with SC lore compared to some of Blizzard’s other franchises.


Anything related to Xel’Naga, Safe Haven being canon, the irrational situation around Tychus piloting Odin on Korhal while being a mole, entirety of Epilogue and HotS being blander than a plain toast.


the idea that has limited communication can be credible with hyperion scanners and the Tychus attitude of a dog stretching the leash to be a passive atonement who waits for contact instead of informing everything
Xel’Naga rule

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There is a lot wrong with SC lore.

Even comparing it to other blizzard franchises Warcraft and Diablo, yhea Warcraft is worse but from what I have seen Diablo is a lot better.

Can you explain this a bit more I have trouble making sense of what you mean.

Mengsk has direct access to Tychus’s suit and knows what is going on threw it. Else he wouldn’t have known when to call him at the end of WoL to fulfill his side of the deal.

The Xel’Naga don’t make sense and their power set seems so ill defined and just leaves me scratching my had wondering how amon won against the others but lost to kerrigan.

Yeah, lately I begin to think so. We must remember that they have to make a fun RTS game to go along with it as well. I wonder how much the story is effected by this constraint?

Also, is this post private to us, faceless ones?

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I THINK he’s suggesting that its implausible for Mengsk to be tracking Tychus’ suit’s location 24/7 because the Raiders would notice that kind of signal, and Tychus isnt in any particular hurry to start shooting Raynor with the Odin or directly inform Arcturus that he’s the one in the pilot seat.

And if he isnt, i am.


I mean it’s just a weird thing to push, but this is not a hill that I am willing to fight on. I mean I still like that arc.

I said it a lot back in the day that Matt’s Rebellion arc was one of the best things to come out of WoL. It’s why I was always really tilted that starting up the Korhal rebellion led to jack s%$t in the long run.


Well, Haven’s Fall is the best thing in the entire WoL in terms of story and it’s not even canon.


StarCraft lore actually isn’t that bad

My response:


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The rebellion arc was the game that they told us we were going to get. Unfortunately what they didn’t tell us was it was only a side quest in Starcraft 2: Wings of Jimmity saves his bug girlfriend by going on a quest for magic rocks.


The story is in my opinion ok except for the Epilogue and Hots. I still play the campaigns Wol and Lotv and Nova covert ops because they are a lot of fun to play. Even if they don’t have a good story I still enjoy the campaign missions because if you can see past the story and more into the gameplay you will still have a good time playing the Campaigns. Hots is an exception because the story is “something” and the campaign missions are so bad and easy even on brutal because everything you need is Kerrigan and that’s it

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I go to try not use kerrigan