StarCraft II Community API Update

In early January we’ll be taking down the StarCraft II Community APIs to ensure compliance with the new data-protection regulations going into effect at that time. We understand how valuable these APIs are to our community and know this will impact many of the websites and tools the community uses. We’re investigating our options for restoring these APIs and will provide an update on our status by the end of January.


January Update
We are confident we have found a good option for returning the StarCraft II Community APIs to service and have begun that work. We are not able to commit to a specific timeline for this work to be completed, but we will provide another update on our status in February.


February Update

We continue to work through what we believe is our best option for restoring the APIs, and we have completed much of that work. We continue to have high confidence that this will allow us to restore the StarCraft II Community APIs with minor changes.

We appreciate your patience, and we will update you again before the end of March.

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