StarCraft II Community API Update

In early January we’ll be taking down the StarCraft II Community APIs to ensure compliance with the new data-protection regulations going into effect at that time. We understand how valuable these APIs are to our community and know this will impact many of the websites and tools the community uses. We’re investigating our options for restoring these APIs and will provide an update on our status by the end of January.


January Update
We are confident we have found a good option for returning the StarCraft II Community APIs to service and have begun that work. We are not able to commit to a specific timeline for this work to be completed, but we will provide another update on our status in February.


February Update

We continue to work through what we believe is our best option for restoring the APIs, and we have completed much of that work. We continue to have high confidence that this will allow us to restore the StarCraft II Community APIs with minor changes.

We appreciate your patience, and we will update you again before the end of March.


March Update:

We are pleased to tell you that we have brought the StarCraft II Community APIs back online. If you are a developer and encounter any unexpected issues please report them in this thread.

Thanks again for your patience while we worked through this.


YAY :sunglasses:


US server APIs don’t work

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I don’t know if I made a mistake, US and CN API seems like doesn’t work,can you check it? thank you.


Thanks for the heads up.

We fixed an issue this morning with the US and CN getLeagueData call referenced on this page:

Let us know if you continue to have issues or encounter other problems. Please be as detailed as you can when telling us what issues you are experiencing.


It works,thank you !

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How to get a player’s MMR? I can’t figure out how to do it.

Thank you

Some portraits returned by profile API endpoints don’t work.


static[not a link]starcraft2[not a link]com/starport/d0e7c831-18ab-4cd6-adc7-9d4a28f49ec7/portraits/15-10.jpg

Same problem applies to SC2 profile pages:

starcraft2[not a link]com/en-us/profile/1/2/242838

Excuse me…emmm,I’m noob PC fan,i only use legacy API get CN server ladder info before,now CN legacy API doesn’t work,and i see rankedftw dot com maybe use official CN-API so it still work(jsoncallback or something i don’t know),Then CN-legacy API will never recover?Thank you.

Hello! im just testing my battle net

edit: all working now

Can we please open all aspects of SC2 profiles and statistics through the API and not just league data? e.g. achievements, games played and the specific races, win/loss rates, etc.

It is very beneficial for keeping the Starcraft community alive.



I am the developer maintaining the sc2ranks .net website . Unfortunately, it appears as if only data from Korea and China are working as of recent. Is anyone able to bring back all other regions, please?

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated here. Thank you!

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Are you planning on nerfing protoss and buffing terran?