StarCraft II 5.0.9 PTR Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.9 PTR Patch Notes

We've been working with community members and tournament organizers to put together a Balance Patch. You can check it out on the PTR now!

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Um, for the shield battery change, I think you meant Nexus field, not next field…

This is just a technicality, but Dark Templars don’t blink. They Shadow Stride.


omg is it really happening ?


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Awesome stuff. Not sure about the DTs nerf, as planetaries are so strong and DTs are very expensive. Also wouldnt mind a little Protoss ground buff after these nerfs. But overall very nice changes, Im very hyped thank you:)

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DT nerf is 100% necessary IMO. As expensive as they are, its so easy to blink DTs in and one or two shot a planetary, and requires such a commitment of defense to hold on, something that a planetary is designed to buy time for. But you can’t buy time if its straight up dead, and unlike protoss terran doesnt have recall, and unlike zerg we dont have creep to move into position fron defending something on the other side of the map.

Good change IMO. Personally feel lurker changes need to be bigger though.

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Ok , maybe. But looking on the other side, a small bio squad (2 medivacs) with its insane dps can easily and rapidly destroy a nexus with a shield battery and 2 cannons ( more or less equivalent in recources to planetary). And even warping in less then 6 zealots wont help.

On the other hand, a similar resource squad of Prottos wont even scratch a repaired planetary.


A planetary also costs 150 gas and has an extra 150 mineral cost on top of that, and takes money to repair as well, while also having less health than a nexus does.

Different races are different.

That said, protoss have recall, and battery overcharge to prevent nexus from being sniped. It still happens, but it can be delayed the same way repairing a planetary delays its death.

Voids will be dead again…

I was happy that voids were finally a usable unit again. This patch will kill them. The build time nerf is probably enough, the cost change effectively removes them from the meta…


That is, in fact, the hope. The hope is to force skytoss to be more lategame centric, rather than something to rush to from the word go.

They’re still going to be very useable with the speed buffs they have, and the speed upgrade.

That said, I do think toss ground needs some love against zerg specifically.

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Good. Protoss is so OP in PvsT now. I hope the balance team is aware that Terran had the worst performance in 2021 to 2022 Premier Touranments:

Terran was nerfed so hard into the ground and Protoss was buffed so much against Terran, the Terran pros had trouble performing in Premier tournaments, often losing to Protoss.

Amazing balance patch, SC2 ALIV GAEM!!!1!1


Protoss must have performed too well at IEM Katowice again. Logically, they get the most and the heaviest nerfs in this milktoast patch of random nerfs to random things with a side of nothing interesting. Why bother?


Gotta tone down the skytoss because its far to strong as it is, and leaves very little in the way of skill expression. But having said that, I would like to see ground-toss buffed to make it more viable, particularly in PvZ.

Protoss doesn’t have a problem with Terran right now, just Zerg.

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Well, Protoss did perform better than Terran in Premier tournaments over the last year:

Why should i kill myself If Queen walks arent a Thing anymore ?
You realize that pros often dont build more than 4 voids ? So i really dont think that Turtle skytoss is dead…but now queenwalks are dead. Thankfully :slight_smile:

Finally zerg crybabies cant whine anymore that the Game is so “unfair” and maybe even terrans dont whine that much anymore now that proxy voidray is hopefully dead.

nice start, focus on cheese and boring game design.

I like the changes. But.

At pro lvl I don´t get how you can forgot to nerf ghosts. At my lvl is ok, terran can´t control them.

At my low lvl void nerf means nothing and i can´t queen walk them to hell. So I guess ZvP is lost when i failed 12p win :smiley:


Where is 5.0.8 tho?!

Massive nerf to Zerg, Queen walk is dead. Massive nerf to Terran, mine play basically dead. Meaningless shield battery and shadow stride nerf. The only good thing is, that finally Voidrays are not completly broken, autowinning ladder games in pvt for Protoss, even when the Terran has x000 MMR more. The Voidray nerf should have been done a year ago in an emergency nerf, not 1 year later. Everybody knew how f** up Voidray proxy was. Gamestate is still horrible, Terran basically unplayable. Protoss probably >20% stronger than Zerg and free Win against Terran, if the Protoss uses Mouse AND Keyboard.

Nonsense, Voidrays shred through anything Terran builds that can fly and hard counter Corruptor/Roach play. In combination with hilariously cheap speed upgrade (100/100) even a small squad of 6 Void rays can snipe a Hatch within seconds. This unit is as potent as ever especially below masters.

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