StarCraft II 5.0.7 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.7 Patch Notes

Patch 5.0.7 has arrived. Check out the detail!

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Is this real? Am I dreaming?


When? next year??? o_0

When are you nerfing Protoss ???


Thanks for the new maps Blizz!

…any balance coming?


Blizzard - What is wrong with your ranking system?! I should be Masters, as I have beaten many, many masters in winning streaks. Yet you always rank me as Bronze???!!! For example, I just did 1v1 league ranking and went 4 for 1. Not to my surprise - BRONZE. 3 of them were masters or diamond players. A couple I consistently play with are no where near as good and received Masters. Please help enlighten me.

Please blizzard, tell us what are the plans on fixing the ranking system - i dont expect it fixed asap but at least give us some details regarding this issue.

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I guess all crap-terr/zerg whinners are having tremors, shortness of breath and tachicardia. Some of the most toxic (BatZ and some other scumbags) have fainted.
Pleaes transport all those people to ICU (Intense Care Unit), defibrillators are to be used as much as possible.
LUL, no Protoss Nerfs…
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m on the other side of the spectrum, came back after 5 years away from the game, did my placement matches and got Masters 3 with 2980 MMR lol. Hope this doesn’t affect matchmaking since getting steamrolled by master / diamond players won’t be all that fun.

It would be really strange for them do nothing for months, not even maps, and when the season already started, putting a map balance with a GSL running. If they release a patch, will be between seasons,GSL ends in early May. If we don’t see patch during these month, I doubt they will make a patch until july.


That’s awesome.


Ahh, at last , a new map pool ! Some had begun to lose faith, since we didn’t know how seasons rotations were going to be handled since SC2 went in long term mode. Yet, the launcher (and even forums) update hinted something was being worked upon behind the scene…

Thanks, new SC2 team ! :smiley:

Now I suppose the next question everyone might be wondering about is : will there be balance patchs as well ? Will you communicate just like the previous team did ? Can we expect less frequent balance patches, or will those only be made in case of absolutely imperious necessity ? Can we have your ear about functional issues as well (bugs about league being displayed as Bronze 3 or Master by mistake, smurfs, etc.) ? Time will tell I guess, but SC2 fanbase would certainly appreciate to know what they can expect in the future. :slight_smile:

Translation: Protoss apologists have been clenching their jaw in anticipation of the coming nerfs and can relax that they have not hit today (blizzard won’t nerf Protoss during an active GSL season).

There is no way in any universe a race can be double of another race in GM and winning 70% of tournaments yet be considered balanced. The nerf hammer is looming over Protoss as we speak.


It’s nice to know that they aren’t going to nerf Protoss anymore after 2 years of consecutive nerfs. But I just took a look at the new maps, played an AI game on each of them, got a feel for them, and it made me realize they are probably going to try to balance the game by map design now. Oh well.


Pathetic, not even one editor bug fixed.

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Give us new team maps jesus. you guys suck


isn’t that the final path they took in Brood War? Doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

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Oh it’s not a bad thing per se. I just hope they don’t take that opportunity to slam on Protoss. The new maps do not look particularly Protoss friendly, and there are some subtle flaws in design that have been overlooked that could actually have some serious effects on the game. Honestly, they need a checklist to prevent these things from happening. If they are not going to go full creative on these maps, they may as well have a real standard and checklist when designing these things. Not that all maps should be the same, but there are some things that are just really bad.

examples? I havent looked at the new map pool but i quit playing back in october

Thanks Blizzard for trying to keep us fans happy. Can you rotate the team map pools as well? There is a very active userbase and some of us love to grind on it.