StarCraft II 5.0.4 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.4 Patch Notes

Patch 5.0.4 has arrived. Check out the detail!

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well well well, look whos come crawling back

Rhoo, so you guys continue to read the forums. Dragunblader is going to be delighted ! :smiley:

Nothing major with this update, but a lot of tiny good things. If you’ve got the time one day, please tip the website-forums teams about the stalled avatars bugs, lately about 50% of the forum became affected.

Also, there might be another beam bug regarding the shield batteries. I don’t think it necessarily has to be corrected since the game is balanced around current values, but it would be nice for you to express yourselves about it in the next balance update.

Thanks for the update anyway. Good to see you’re still there ! :wink:


Balance team is out of touch with the desires of the community. Why are there Protoss in professional tournaments? Protoss placed second in a GSL this year! Protoss are close to 50/50 in every match up on Aligulac. This bug needs to be fixed ASAP! Two thirds of the community demand it!

Awesome for the fixes!

The memory leak has been an annoying issue and the warchest skins was a big community demand.

All around great!

Can you folks also consider making the twitch prime content buyable too? The twitch console is too good to be left burried in history under an unclaimable now Twitch prime award.

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Hello Trias, thanks for sharing this thread with me.

While it’s nice to see all already existing Skins now sold as bundles, unfortunately, it isn’t what I referred to in my post. I asked if it was possible to release for purchase the contents which came along with these Skins when they were released as part of War Chests (Portraits, Decals, Sprays, Banners, and Emoticons).

Thank you anyway.

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Remember when the forums said the game would never be patched again? Pepperidge Farms remembers


Aye, thanks for the patches. Appreciate it~

Dont tell me I have to pay 20$ after I paid 10$ for a terran strucs bundle… like if you cant even get discount for having purchased it the first time, that’s beyond stupid and should not be even done.

Also, no warchest 6 is seen on the shop

It’s in the web store for anyone looking for it.


And 22 eur for a 2nd time buying is just a ripoff :man_facepalming:

Second time?

Yes if one buys the chest already did not complete it for 10 bucks, 2nd time is 20 bucks. This is some Activision/vicious mobile company level of ripoff. I do not think a slight change or reskin of models deserves 30 bucks even by artist’s work…,

Ah! Usually if parts of a bundle are already owned, the price adjusts to only be those that are still needed. That way you aren’t paying the full 20 again.

good spot for overlord near opponent base? this is fine
not possible to block reaper? still fine
good spot for cannon? bug

Is that so really or just a guess?

It’s true of the campaigns (when buying the collection).

I’ll test it out with the skins. I’ll buy a skin from one of the older War Chests and see if the price adjusts.

Yep! I bought a single skin from the Forged bundle and the price adjusted:

If interested, it looks like now is the time with them being on sale.

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