StarCraft II 5.0.3 Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.3 Patch Notes

Patch 5.0.3 has arrived. Check out the detail!

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ty for patch, Terran can’t load army units into stuff. Zergs and Protoss thank you for this nerf

pls fix tho


Bugfixes and new possibilities for the map editor. So far so good.

For the sake of reporting though, as I didn’t see those bugs in the log :

  • The ingame comments/chat message typed during the countdown do not seem to be reproduced in the replays.
  • The UI windows which gave the precise dmg/cooldown/armor when howered over a unit’s upgrades in the replay (for example 10 dmg of a selected marine when hovering over the +1 icon of in the overlay) does not display everytime during replays.

Anyway, saw Whitera having fun with 3 voidrays openers into colossus in PvZ, awaiting for the next balance feedback ! :slight_smile:

EDIT : the medivacs’ bug though XD

Hello, my two cents on Nova Co-op.

Even with the changes, the units cost so much there is no real benefits to changing her soldier of fortune prestige. Even if you were able to get the cooldown faster, you wouldnt even be able to mine resources (gas mostly) fast enough to keep up with the CD, especially if you go air. You might be able to pull this off with Bio, but not much else.

Her prestiges are really not worth investing in as each one hinders her more that benefiting her as a whole. truthfully her prestiges suck as of now. No one is tactical jumping continuously, and even with supercloak, she still needs units to support her (the units end up doing more damage in the long run, lets be real even with the attack speed increased, she shoots 2 shots a sec, and thats really, really giving her the benefit of doubt.) which makes this perk useless. Ive already mentioned the mining.

Guess it was bug no nerf needed

Great job on somehow breaking the Medivac’s ability to pick up units beside SCVs.

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Yeah I was being ironic

This. I re-read the patch notes but this medivac nerf was not listed.


I think this is intentional. Blizzard want terrans to pick protoss and start using void rays since they been buffed. Big brain moment from blizzard.


Yeah it’s been a sad couple patches with loading units into things. First you could load bunkers into CC’s…now you can’t load army into medi-vacs. I’m just waiting for the fix where you can load bunkers into cc’s into medivacs introducing a new meta


The medivac nerf is acceptable if you introduce vulture and 2 supply tanks into the game. Thanks in advance

So much work done to COOP. Guess what it is only part of game, that earns extra money. We don’t care about 1v1, but we patch coop, because we get money from micro-transactions… Dude literally community modders, made maps like this since Warcraft 3 for free. Coop should be for free honestly. How much cost one Hero like 15$, that’s total joke… I would never buy anything …

Does someone play terran at Blizzard.

I think no because the race is too hard

I think it’s like $5 unless they changed that at some point.

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