StarCraft II 5.0.11 Hotfix Patch Notes

StarCraft II 5.0.11 Hotfix Patch Notes

Patch 5.0.11 Hotfix has arrived with bug fixes for Versus.

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i feel like since ravens have been debuffed that when you select your army they should no longer take prority. i find playing bio with a raven is way harder, because you cant stim marauders and marines at the same time. So i feel they should not have top priority anymore, with toss thats how obs are and same with zerg.

The trouble is that Ravens are officially spellcasters, so they take priority by default. Also, like Infestors, Disruptors and Oracles (and High Templars before they got their regular attack), they shouldn’t be part of the main army group since that causes them to move into a position where they’ll get shot down.


Any plan for the editor long list of bugs? I would wish for some feedback or anything, just so I know we got heard.

The same is with Ghosts. Terrans have been asking for this for years and nobody listens.

Blah,blah … press TAB key… blah, blah etc

Sometimes you accidentally hit caps lock or sometimes simply you don’t notice that a single ghost has been selected with the rest of the bio. You need to stim RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, but whoops, no stimpack selected. Before you figure that out you get storms, banes, or disruptors in the face and you lose the game. GG

That’s really a player issue though. I don’t think it is justification to change command card prioriity.

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Perhaps, i can still win games with this though, yet it would be nice addition to the game if players could prioritize fighting units over spellcasters and vice versa. Such small thing and it really would be welcome without making terran broken or something. As a terran player don’t you find it annoying that you have to press that stupid TAB button everytime you want to stim or steal ghosts into separate control group so that they are no longer with the rest of the army. That’s exactly what i am doing right now and i find it very unconvenient.

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And I personally find it annoying, when a terran player, such as you, who directly insults players of other races, because they are F2-A-Click races, says, that F2 button is not comfortable enough for him.

Whaaat ? I only said zerg players were idiots few days ago. I don’t recall myself saying the other two races are F2-A-Click races. You sure it was me ?

As a Terran player, I usually play mech and I group different units in different control groups depending on their job.

Tanks have their own hotkey. Hellions & Cyclones have their own hotkey (or sometimes two if I split them up between an army group and a harassment group). Vikings & Thors (anti-air) have their own hotkey, that hotkey sometimes includes Ravens or Liberators when I don’t have them in their own group.

For mech it is entirely irrelevant what control groups you have. You only need tanks on a separate control groups and that’s it. Mech doesn’t require stimming in a split second so you can have ghosts arranged whatever you like in your control groups if you use them with mech.

No it isn’t. There are plenty of units with different roles and functions, such that you get a lot more efficiency out of your units if you control and maneuver them separately.

At least that is the case when the opponent doesn’t do something stupid like walk straight into a preset Tank line with Thors & Hellbats to buffer the front and plenty of anti-air in place without some plan to actually break it.

I know , but i’m talking exclusively about ghosts. If i play mech i don’t care if they’re on top of army selection or not. For bio however this literally means the difference between victory and defeat. Perhaps that’s why im stuck in Dia 3.

Well, I remember the thread “nerfs are not enough”, where protoss players were imbeciles and all that stuff. It is possible that I confused you with someone like masteryoda. Sorry if thats the case.

Quite the quick reaction regarding the recent patch. Thanks ! :+1:


Most likely, because honestly i do not remember calling protoss players imbeciles at all. I only called CollegeWings “nitwit, moron” because he insulted me first.