StarCraft 2 Xbox port?

I have a mouse and key board that work on my Xbox.

With my video and graphics cards are shot on my computer… It got me thinking… why the hell doesn’t this game have a Xbox and/or PlayStation port?

I can still play it then like my computer did… just now through my Xbox. Still mouse and key board. I just wanna run my graphics and video on my Xbox as opposed to attempting to run my dead cards.

I gotta wait for new stock to arrive in the local computer store and with the area I’m in going code red… This would be pretty great as I gotta wait till January.

Because it’s an RTS and RTS is trash on Console due to the requirement of precise rapid inputs.

As for ever getting a port, Blizzard dropped support for SC2 outside of small balance patches as needed. They aren’t even making new skins anymore. 0% chance of a port.

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Console has Mouse and Keyboard support…

Also it is surprising that WoW and Diablo still get love when StarCraft has largely been left to collect dust.

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