Starcraft 2 in India - Looking for Players

Hey guys,

I’m trying to connect with indian starcraft 2 players (or those residing in India at the moment) so that we can organize virtual events, play friendly 1v1’s and also party up for team play, but I’m having a hard time finding a discord group or a subreddit for it. I’m residing on EU servers of this game.

There is a discord group for Indians but it is hardly populated: discord[dot]com/invite/kUkuMsrP

So would be great if some of you long time denizens of this forum could direct me to some sc2 players of any skills in the region or, if some of you are looking to try your hand at an exciting new game please do give it a try (for newcomers, its free to play now) and give me a shout out. let’s connect and game. I’ve joined the discord chat above and will keep an eye out on this subreddit also. Hoping to find some SC2 lovers out there.

Note: other players are welcome too. But pls note that I’m just a silver player who has returned to this game after a long time. So just looking for good vibes and to improve my skills with like minded gamers!



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Good day. Glad that you are returning to StarCraft!

With that said, I think there are few active forumers here nowadays. Maybe in the Reddit Chat or In-Game community chat has more players that are active. Anyway, goodluck!

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