Starcraft 2 editor, custom unit problem with the abilities

I have encountered a problem with my custom units where any ability I add on will disapear. They simply don’t show up on my command card (the part of the UI that shows the ablities of the unit you have selected), the only abilities that show up are ones that were already there on the unit. For example I am making a custom dark templar that I have given a few extra abilities, yet when I play the abilities that I added are not on my command card but the permanant cloak is still there. The game will still remember were I moved the ablities, my custom dark templars permanant cloak ability was moved up a square on the command card was still moved up a square but still the abilities I have added were not there, to be clear the abilities I added were not custom abilities, just ones I have taken from other units.

Any help would be massively appreciated, I would be happy to give any more information if you need it.

Probably because when you put the ability button on your command card, you didn’t associate it. Otherwise, we could see what else is wrong.

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