Starcraft 2 10th anniversary achievement bug

Hi all, i complete the 10th anniversary starcraft 2. But i have issues with 3 achievement which are down below also i would like to know if Blizz will fix those bugs or else. Thank you very much.

Wings of Liberty

I. Contract Saviors - Complete “The Moebius Factor” mission by training only SCVs, Medivacs and Mercenaries on Normal difficulty.

Legacy of the Void

II. Disintegration Doctrine - Destroy all enemy structures and complete the primary objective in the “Into the Void” mission in less than 28 minutes on Normal difficulty.

III. Warp Incomplete - Do not allow enemy Warp Prisms to warp in any units in “The Infinite Cycle” mission on Normal difficulty.

There is a comprehensive post on 10th anniversary achievement issues: Consolidated list of 10th Anniversary Achievement Issues.

Thx i saw it. Will they fix it? Will there be another update in few days?

I’m sure they’ll be fixed. But unfortunately, there’s no word from Bliz on a time table.

I’ve been anticipating a patch since tuesday. :slight_smile:

Ok thx. i have one question. Fi you able to fix it, could i play the game bugged that i saved so that i dont want to replay at the begining? Will it worked?

I don’t think so. It’s likely that the saved game has the bug saved within it too.

However, I could be wrong. When its fixed, you could try it and see what happens. But I suspect that you would need to start the mission over.

Roger that. Thx Leviathan. Good luck on a new patch and keep it posted.

Dude me too… I skipped the one T achievement thinking they’d patch it Tuesday… as of now that’s the last one I need… Guess I’ll try to speed run it and focus fire eggs lol

Hello Guy’s,

I’ve found bugs for my 10th anniversary achievements called Contract Survivors. I did only marines and medicvacs on normal mode. I’ll run other achievements this week and if I found more. Thx.

Walter Chow

You can’t build regular Marines for Contract Saviors. Only SCVs, Medivacs and mercenaries from the Merc Compound.

Hey Guy’s,

My 10th anniversary is working so far so good. Just do it in normal mode everybody. It works for me. But probably fix teams match up cause I always get double of the same race for protoss players and beat us all the time for 2v2. Thx.

Walter Chow