Star Party Update!

Star Party is back on track with a big update. It has 3 new minigames, a new board, old minigames revamp and more. All old bugs are fixed. For those who doesn’t know what is Star Party, in short, it’s a Mario Party game in SC2 with its own twists. It is super fun, you laugh, you cry, you smile, you pass a nice moment.

Star Party won the Rock The Cabinet contest back in 2014. You can watch the winners announcement by Blizzard.

NB: The map is uploaded under a different name than the original. It used to be “Star Party [RTC]”. It is now named Star Party 2.0 . It has been uploaded to all regions as well.

Arcade links

NA: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/312195
EU: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/220102
KR: battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/134654