Stalkers or Dragoons

Which is the better Protoss ranged unit?

Stalkers are weak, yet highly mobile and agile for the Nerazim, they can blink through obstacles and snipe fleeing enemies.

Dragoons are low mobile, but highly powerful and survivable for the Daelaam, its phase disruptors can deal heavy damage and can withstand heavy attacks.

Depends, are we talking about the co-op, campaign, or multiplayer versions of these units because they are all different.

And by multiplayer I obviously mean the built-in mods that allow you to build dragoons.

Artanis co op dragoons please otherwise stalkers.

Well, since this is in Campaign Discussion, then Stalkers would be the better option.
They’re kind of glass cannons, but their mobility coupled with blink makes them good at kiting with proper micro.

Dragoons are better than their SC1 versions, but still suffer from the same issues.
Compared to the Stalkers, they have more bulk, but worse mobility, maneuverability and range.

Most importantly, with blink stalkers can move forward quickly and easily to allow the immortals to get into range.

Why are you ignoring Adepts?
Based on the War Council classification in the campaign, they are one of the “ranged units”.

Works for the coop and campaign versions that can hit air, not the ladder version.

In campaign, I’d vote dragoons, you’re not microing any of them by the middle of the campaign anyway with all the chaos going on.

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