Special Forces Elite 5

[Project Information]

Project Started: August 10th, 2013
Expected BETA Test Deadline: August 10th, 2931
Game Link: battlenet://starcraft/map/1/246897
Discord: discord.gg/ZneUdb5


Drusus - The developer of Special Forces Elite 5.
DrSuperGood - Wide range of assistance in all aspects.
Wargirl - Designed different terrain variations.
Luftwaffe - Feedback on the forums and suggestions.
Salvaje - Feedback on the forums and suggestions.
TaCktiX - Feedback on the forums, game design and suggestions.
EtaCarinae - Designed the story line and various boss battles

* To view a more detailed list of credits, navigate in-game to Menu > Credits.


Special Forces Elite 5 is still undergoing rather significant development, where game-changing updates may be performed. In the current state, the game is being updated to refine balance, create new content and events.

Blizzard was contacted regarding the removal of “Beta” from the name of the game, and unfortunately they do not have the means to change the name of the game. As a result, the game will forever have “Beta” in the name, unless the current map file is deleted and re-uploaded as another name (which will not happen due to various internal complications).


Each player starts in a corner of the map alongside a base with one hero of their choice. The base is to be protected, or else players will lose. By clicking the base, you can navigate through a list of upgrades for Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, purchase units, purchase elite units, and purchase upgrades variety of other upgrades. Purchase units and upgrades of the race that your hero belongs to, otherwise your units will not receive the benefits from upgrades. Players can also give their units, heroes and structures special buffs with their starting hero.

The goal of the game is to destroy all enemy units and structures while defending the base. Some starting heroes specialize in defense, others in offense; achieving victory requires just the right amount of each type of hero. Work closely with your allies to push back the waves of enemies that will come from structures, and then battle the bosses that spawn from those structures when destroyed. Focus all available firepower on harder bosses that spawn from late-game structures, and bosses that attack the base at certain times in the game; cooperation from all players is the key to success.


ㅤGreetings community,

I am officially accepting donations. I have not opened this avenue without much consideration, but many of you have spoken out and offered to donate for the work I have done so far. I greatly appreciate this, so I have made this opportunity for everybody. I am not doing this for profit. My incentive is my passion for Special Forces, but ultimately, your contributions are something that will help me dedicate my time and effort on this game even further.

I spend a great deal of my own time and resources on this game, as I want to ensure I bring the best experience I can to this game, and it would mean a great deal for me to receive your support. In particular, this will ensure I have more time and resources to maintain the game by removing bugs and enhancing the experience. To conclude, I’d like to wholeheartedly thank everyone for their support and feedback.

Donation: patreon[period]com/drusus

I have a suggestion for the enemy Protoss in SFE5.

Make them send out 2 waves, 1 from each entrance of the base. That way they are a real threat to the players and the Zerg. Which could make things very interesting when different enemy waves clash.(Enemy of my enemy is my friend).

Also what should be done is a way to activate the Protoss base earlier(as a way to fight the Zerg in higher difficulties) or keep it active from the start of the game but send Maar later on.

Something else that should be changed in SFE5 is that players have such a linear attack pattern in the game it gets boring.

You always go Infested-> Spawning Pool -> Protoss base -> etc

From killing the Infested you should be able have a choice of fighting the Left side of the map or the Right side of the map.

Really enjoy this arcade map and appreciate all the work being put into it.

This can already happen if a builder walls off key areas of the map.

I don’t actually see how this would work. Also, when enemies kill each other, players do not get the income so this would cripple players.

Unfortunately, that’s just the nature of this certain game type. A new game mode that deviates from this is in the works, though.

That is awesome news since most players know how to speed run the current layout even at high difficulties.

I still really hope that new Heroes get added. Please add Karax, Vorazun, and Talandar!

The character, Dr. Evil, I believe, how do you unlock in Elite 5? Reply would be great.

There’s a 1% chance to get a bonus hero, and Dr. Evil is one of three bonus heroes.

You can only get Dr. Evil or Alex Jones or Donald Trump by going random at the hero selections

You added the all powerful editing guru to your map? You mad lad!