Spear Of Adun - Completing in 15 Minutes on Brutal? HOW?

wow this mission is really brutal… i tried it 3 times now and i dunno how to complete it in 15 minutes on brutal, any tips? thx

They don’t call it brutal difficulty for nothing

You have to be good at video games for starters and to not kill any of the power cells early until you can kill them all at the same time.

It might be the hardest mission of legacy of the void, especially if you play other missions through master archives with max unit and solar tech.

You got zealot / stalker, and ladder static defense. The enemy has ultralisks.

Clear path, split army and kill all power cells (maybe except first) at the same time (or very quickly one after another) so enemy can’t counter attack.

Definitely don’t kill the power cells one by one. Clear each place, damage the cells to around 20 life left, then split your forces and destroy all of them at once, so you don’t have to bother with transports and nydus.