Sometimes a left click on 1 worker selects all of them

Also when I hot key my building to 2 and mains to 3 they seem to not work as in they disappear sometimes so I have to reset them.
What am I doing wrong guys?

Left click selecting all workers means you simply clicked so fast that game interpreted that as double click and selected all workers = double click a unit selects all nearby units of that type - perhaps try to adjust repeat rate in your OS ?

About that building and main hotkeying i don’t understand what you are talking about. Can you explain exactly what you mean ?

Thanks abs, Yes I set my hotkeys to number 2 for buildings and 3 for mains but sometimes when i press 3 to make more workers my mains are no longer on hotkey 3 so i have to select all my mains and hotkey them again.

I just wish they’d stop changing the selection priority for burrow. Holy cow, that is so flipping annoying. It used to make sense back in HotS. If you hit burrow, all the units that are selected, that could burrow, would burrow. Now you can hit burrow, and your lurkers don’t burrow because you had a hydralisk on the same hotkey. Or, you hit tab to move past the hydralisks but didn’t have one, and you burrow a set of units other than your lurkers. Isn’t it just wonderful to accidentally burrow the wrong units in the middle of a battle when burrow timings are critical!

Listen, go back to the way it was in HotS. This new system is a steaming pile of trash. If you want to burrow only a certain type of units, then shift-click or control-click filter your active selection. That was the best way by far. If you had roaches and lurkers on the same hotkey, you shift-click the ones you want to burrow, then hit “R”. Boom. Done. Alternatively, double-click a lurker on the screen and hit “R”.

What is this nonsense with constantly re-arranging the controls and making them substantially worse with every iteration? It’s 2023 and the game’s controls feel like Wings of Liberty all over again.

Your left clicker is going bad, happens with me as well.

Not sure, but to me it looks like you are simply “stealing” (using add to control groups AND take away units) - check your hotkeys - if your SHIFT + num keys are assigned to this - this may be the reason why your mains disappear sometimes.

Ctrl click is select all units same as double click.
Sounds like your ctrl key is sticky.