[Solved] How to give lip syncing movement animation to unit sound

For those who might want to add sounds to a unit, but don’t know how to give those new sounds lip syncing animation… It’s simple. Just copy an animation from another sound.

To give a sound a lip syncing movement animation… First, find the unit sound file you want to change (example: “Swann_What”). Then go to “Sound Assets^+” to see the sounds (You can play each of the sounds to decipher each sound). Find one that already has an animation. Double click the sound (or right click and click “modify sound”), then go to the animation tab. Copy an animation file name from one that already has one, and then give it to the sound that doesn’t.

So an example of this would be “Sounds” -> “Swann_What” -> “Sound Assets^+” -> [Pick a sound file that has an animation and double click it. For my example I’ll use “Swann_What00”] -> Animation tab -> Copy “Swann_What00” next to Facial Animation -> [Find the sound file you want to change or add the animation too. Double click it] -> Animation tab -> Paste “Swann_What00” next to Facial Animation. -> Type “Default” next to Facial Group.

And Voila! Your sound now has facial animations for that unit!

Unable to get this working. Till then I placed a unit with helmet on to Hide Lips as a go around temp. Please post instructions to get lips moving in the new version here.

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