Smurfs and Map hackers

since sc2 became free, and espcially in 2022/2023, I play against alot of smurfs and map hackers. the moment I reach 5k mmr in europe 20% of my games are against a smurf or a map hacker.
are they gonna do anything about it?

Don’t worry. Map hackers are usually not very skilled players hence the need to hack

Also smurfs are whatever, you’ll probably play against lots of players who just insta-leave the game so it’ll balance out the smurfs.

Also, I believe you about the map hack because it’s pretty easy to verify that kind of thing by watching the replay but how do you know that some players are smurfs?

I have been called a smurf before, I beat this player and he asked me “What’s the highest rank you’ve been?” and I said “Gold 1” (which is what I was in at the time and was the highest I had reached at that point) and he just left and after the match he whispered me and called me a smurf etc. Even though I wasn’t. I simply practice a lot on my openings and overall mechanics against AI a lot so when I jump into the ladder I tend to be a lot better than my “peers” at the same rank as me.

Smurfs exist for sure but it’s not always a smurf. Are you sure you played to your maximum in those smurf games? I bet you could beat them

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There are no such thing as map hackers. Please provide a screenshot proving their vision sees absolutely everything.

For example, if you think “nono they’re using a third party program” ok then show us the replay. Show us how the opponent’s screen is CONSTANTLY looking at your side of the map through the FoW.

Literally so many ppl think this is real, it’s not. It’s like the boogeyman, you say it to justify your own irrational thoughts. Suck it up princess.

As for smurfs, get the fk over it. I’ll smurf you 6 ways till sunday cause Blizzard gave me the keys

Actually it’s way easier to prove someone is smurfing than to do so for a map-hacker. You merely have to check their games history in search of repeated freeloses (which is a pathognomonic sign), or correlate their level to their total games career (an account who can win at a platinum MMR with 5 games career obviously is playing on a smurf account). More info here.

You know, it’s not because there’s no boogeyman at Bli² anymore that being toxic is flattering in any way regarding your personal development or your maturity as a player. Some people in silver could already have developed more fair-play than what you’re hinting here.

As for your request, it is dishonest as it would require to have a hacker deliberate stream with the hacks on, which only an imbecile would do. Hopefully, at one hand the hacks can be deduced even from a simple replay, and at another, map-hackers are not known for their wits :

Nor you for your constructive contributions to this community. :slight_smile:

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No that’s not necessarily true. Just because an account wins often with low game count (say around 100 or even less than that even 0) doesn’t mean they are smurfing.

I barely play on the ladder because I often practice vs ai. When I play on the ladder I usually defeat my opponents easily but it’s not because I’m a smurf it’s because I’m better than they are at the game because I’ve practiced more.

Yes if they lose a bunch of games quickly then they’re probably smurfing.

PiG deals with a map hacker twice in a row in his Bronze to GM zerg series. I don’t remember where but you can watch the whole series to find it if you want. It’s very clear the opponent is using map hack if you watch from his camera POV. I believe it’s in the master or diamond portion of his Bronze to GM zerg.

To believe that an online game with a map doesn’t have map hackers is ignorance.

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Depending on the level, it is the very definition of smurfing.
The original definition of a smurf account is an alternate (additional) account compared to your main one. SC2 isn’t an easy game, so even to particularly gifted people, it requires hundreds of games of experience to reach platinum, diamond, and later masters. So if you see someone with 10 games played who seems to fare well at a master, diamond or even platinum MMR, it’s obvious it’s not the account he learnt the game on. :mag_right:

I know “smurfing” to you means deliberately losing in order to keep being matched with players under one’s level, but that’s actually an usage that appeared later. Read the link I gave above, it’s all explained there. :slight_smile:

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They exist, it’s just super rare.

What in the world are you bringing that $3500 word in to the SC2 forums for.

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Wait till you run into the map hackers who are skilled. GOOD LUCK!

It isn’t super rare. I’m so tired of people spreading this misconception. Diamond-Masters-GM has a HUGE problem with cheaters. Map hacking/Auto micro hacks are a subscription based service. You think someone is investing the time in creating said cheats if no one is subscribing?

OK then prove it or shush.