Sky Shield Achievement NOT POSSIBLE? BRUTAL

hey gyus, so i try to get all achievements in my first run but THIS IS JUST NOT POSSIBLE! the achievement where the timer may not go under 4 minutes is impossible… i checked on youtube some videos and even they did use LATER tech to finish this achievement. so is this possible to complete at all with the limited tech only?
if so how? thx

I started trying to do all the 10th anno ones. Got thru the prologue fine. Everything on brutal. Except for the zeratul hero unit 3rd one which is the worst mission on prologue.

I actually had to look up on youtube how to do the first mission of prologue. To take out all the zerg structures. And Kerrigan is absolutely stacked in that mission too. Wow, that’s the most epic one I’ve seen out of those.

I really didn’t like how they all have the same picture? Usually Blizzard would do a different picture for each achievement. Although they all have the good names.

But seriously, once I started to see how any of them are based on being timed, or on a timer, it turned me off hard. RTS shouldn’t be rushed like that. It’s just not fun. Setting an arbitrary amount of minutes to complete a mission on, just to get a same picture achievement.

I fear how many of them actually are timed like the one you’re talking about. I stopped looking soon after prologue. Getting the mastery one on that sky shield one was really hard too. That’s a fun mission. Shouldn’t be put on a timer.