Skin Suggestions

I just wanted to suggest some zerg skins, since I dislike zerg mech skins and hope to never see new ones ever again.

  • demons with some hell skins mb
  • ghostly/shady
  • reptiles

maybe more people can make some suggestions in the comments :slight_smile:


I agree, the mech skins are gross and unzerglike, I hope they don’t make more of them.

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reptiles would be nice !

Primal zergs are kinda reptile.

but not quiet :slight_smile:
i always use primal zerg so far, but i would like a change and primal zerg don’t have building skins unfortunately

I use Simulan skins and I like them a lot! But also some evolved are quite good, Zergling, bane, roach and mutas are sick, also the Primal are good. But as an overall package Simulat are the best for me, I can undestand that having zerg looking mechanical is weird, but they they really look amazing and unique.

I asked more that once if it’s possible to have the skin working also in 3v3 and 4v4 proposing to make them visible only for the owner of the skin, but I belive Blizzard could not be botherd with this, does anybody knows if it’s possible to use a mod on normal ladder game or that is considered cheating?

Too bad there are no more updates.

Would be sick if they have a Hellfire Zerg or some Reptilian Zerg skins.

What about the ones that are still available? I think the evolved for zerg/bane/roach are pretty wild, if you mass them they seems more scarry than ever. I also like the primal, but I rarally see anybody using them. It would be nice to see how the army looks different, maybe we can share some screenshots?