Shouldn't Artanis be the one to become Xel'Naga?

In the infinite cycle mission, in the second cutscene, it was mentioned that those pure of form (i.e. the Protoss) are able to house the essence of the Xel’Naga. So with that in mind shouldn’t Artanis or any other organic Protoss be the one to absorb the essence of Ouros and not Kerrigan? Or is it just a typo, and it meant that “both pure of form and essence are able to house the essence of a Xel’Naga.” Clarification would be highly appreciated.

Everything in the second and third mission of the epilogue make no sense, but the interpretation that has given me the least amount of headache is that Ouros is giving Kerrigan his purity of form and Xel’naga energy to jumpstart her own evolution. Kerrigan can adapt to it because of her Purity of Essence from being a zerg.

But no, its just terrible writing designed to get Kerrigan to be a glowing naked angel lady.

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You have a point. But we are also forgetting that Kerrigan is technically a primal zerg now that can auto-absorb any essence and use it for their own purposes (like in the Zerus cinematic) so it is not farfetched for her to go super saiyan after absorbing a being that is technically made of pure energy. Though admittedly, I would have preferred that over tentacle monster Kerrigan.

If Kerrigan were just regular swarm zerg then I think that would be a tough part to explain as they do collect essence but Abathur is the one who seems to apply these changes into the swarm, like in HotS evolution missions.