SCII Editor Help: Switches?

I used to use the SC1 editor a lot. I learned about a thing called Switches, which were convenient for setting things to true or false and stuff like that.
I don’t know what the SCII Editor version of Switches are.
In my map, I have the triggers set to when Player 1’s units enter a region, an objective completes. I have a conversation set up with transmissions for after, but I’m trying to set it to where a new objective is created after the conversation ends.
If this were the SC1 editor, I would’ve used a Switch. SCII Editor doesn’t have that, though. How do I do this without Switches?

You create boolean variables.
That way, each variable can have her own name in addition.

Or if you really want to soften the transition, you could create a boolean variable called switches, but checking the “array” checkbox and setting a size of 257.
That way you can access switches through switch[1] to switch[256] (there’s a switch[0] left over, but that’s just for a transition).

Equivalent to SC1 “set” is to use the function “set variable” and the value to “true” (by checking the box)
Equivalent to SC1 “clear” is to use the function “set variable” and the value to “false” (by not checking or unchecking the box)
For “toggle”, it’s still “set variable”, but for the value, you must select “functions” then “Not”, then for the value of not, select “variables”, then the switch you’re changing.
For “random”…it’s better to forget it, it’s not impossible, but the system is clearly not made to do that, if you want randomness you probably change your logic.

Note that there may be plenty of ways to just not use an equivalent to switch due to lots of conditions being possible to check or toggle, like some triggers could be disabled, and enabled by another trigger, or a trigger could have in its conditions that another trigger is “off” (because triggers that happen before it can turn themselves “off” when done).